Sunday, April 12, 2015

Taking Care of Business

WHEW!  One of the very least favorite things for me to do is a church business meeting.  I've been in some that were doozies!  I've seen people threaten other people and throw fists, and I'm not kidding.  Well we have been a little late, maybe I should say a lot late in doing our annual church business meeting this year.  Honestly I was dreading it, not that I thought something like that would happen but I've walked into business meetings with perfectly sane people and walked out think "Oh My God the Exorcist was here!"  LOL

Anyhow we had our meeting, went over the agenda and the last two years of financial stuff and made plans for the future.  What a GREAT meeting!  Everyone was eager to participate, in a good way.  No one got upset, everyone was of "one accord".  We even welcomed a new member into the church.

At the end of the meeting, some really sweet things were said to Jon and me but all I could do was to thank God that He has been so faithful to us and to our church over the past 9 years!

At one point in this church we only had SIX real members and two of them were me and Jon! Now we have 26 members and all of them are involved & active.  Of course we have more folks than that that attend, but 26 people who have committed to join and be a part of the backbone of this church in a deeper way.

Our church has absolutely not one penny of debt and has a large saving account.  Our mission giving is close to $10,000 a year PLUS if you include my various fund raisers on her for orphan care.  All of our building have been remodeled since we've been here and the grounds cleaned.

We have a youth group and a Fine Arts group (they do competition within our denomination in music)  It's amazing to us all that has taken place here.

But we had some very dry, very lean years.  YEARS not months or weeks....YEARS or some really rough times but God has been so faithful. 

I'm not trying to be odd but we had a minister that we really look up to tell us that it would be 7 years of sowing before we'd see any type of harvest at this church.  At the time we'd only been here for 3 years so we were not thrilled with that "prophecy" LOL  I remember telling Jon "boy we get some wonderful words from God don't we?" 

Well it was exactly 7 years.....and 7 months to be exact before the harvest began.  The "funny" thing is we were gone from the church for 7 months in 2012 between picking up the girls in Ukraine and the accident in NY. 

But is that the craziest thing ever?   You might think what's the big deal, you guys get excited when you have 60 people in attendance....but we are a rural church and this kind of stability is such a blessing! 

We are so extremely grateful for God's blessing and for the people He has brought into the church.  People that want to be apart of what God is doing around the world and here in our "little neck of the woods" too. 

So for any pastor's wives who read my blog or anyone doing ministry, just continue to be faithful to what God has called you to do.  Be yourself, don't worry about gimmicks or trying to be cool, look only to Jesus and measure yourself to what He asks of you.  Don't look around at others and be discouraged by their success, be glad for their successes for God.  The thing we believe is the most important thing is to be FAITHFUL!

Anyhow I'm just really feeling happy today, grateful for all that God has done and the fact that we are still here, standing!

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  1. Thank you for your reminder to be faithful and constant. I'm beyond grateful for God's own faithfulness and 'unchangeableness'. I was just reading in Psalm 102:18 this morning and am amazed that He has had all of mankind on His heart all along--even down to having His words preserved millenia ago for 'those not yet made' and me and everyone! What an amazing God He is...