Tuesday, April 7, 2015

VEGAN update

VEGAN update.....we were vegans for a month, I had a couple of "slip ups" but Jon was perfect.  Now with half of house packed up, we are not always eating vegan.  Cooking Vegan is a commitment and time consuming but worth it!    Both of our cholesterol went down.  Mine went from 202 to 168 and his 210 to 178 and that is just in one month!  Is that crazy or what?.  But we both have higher than normal triglycerides  levels.

 We also got some scans done, mine are fine but Jon's show some plaque in his arteries.  It doesn't impede blood flow...YET!    That finding was incredible to me!  Jon rarely ate fried foods growing up and probably has not had fried food more than once a year. He only eats it if we are at some dinner or something and he can't escape it.  The last time I can remember him eating fried food, was at a banquet at the prison and he tore off all the skin!  That's the best part!  If anyone should have plaque on their arteries it should be ME!  Fried Chicken is my comfort food.  One of my friends I worked with would laugh at my lunch choices.  It was always easy to see when I'd had a rough day, I'd head right to KFC!  Of course I restrain myself a lot these days. 

So with that finding, he will be having some more tests.  No one thinks he has any real risks right now but with his terrible family history, he has to take more care.  Once we get moved, and unpack I'm going to be back to cooking vegan!  I will say, the other night we were eating grilled chicken from Sonny's our favorite BBQ place and both of us were just about purring LOL.  When you've been away from meat, you appreciate it more when you eat it again.  Some folks get where they don't like meat, I'm not sure that will happen to us!

I can't imagine him exercising any more than he does.  He generally gets 2 hours in Friday-Sunday.  During the week he generally gets some days in which he gets a full hour of exercise in.  With his job as a chaplain, he walks the campus of the prison all day long.  He used to wear out a pair of dress shoes in about 9 months.  He would literally wear a hole in the shoe.,  So he asked if he could start wearing tennis shoes, and he was allowed to wear black ones-plus it's better for his back.  Now he still wears out tennis shoes but not as quickly.  So it's not like he is sitting on his butt all day.  At this point, I'm just very thankful he has taken care of himself over the years, knowing the health risks that runs in his family.  When we were first married, I didn't quite "get it" but when my brother in law almost died at only 32 of a massive heart attack, I suddenly got a lot more concerned about heart health!  Jon refuses to take Statin drugs and really his cholesterol is not bad enough but his doctor wanted to put him on a statin as a preventive measure.  I'm hoping the vegan diet full time or close to full time will do the trick. 

I just encourage all of you to be aware of your body and to take care of it.  I know I need to do better, it's so easy to be bad-there is fast food everywhere and all kinds of convenience foods that are full of chemicals and ingredients that are terrible for us.  It really is a battle daily.  I have to be prepared to feed my family healthier meals or I will go and get take out.  At leas I fight it:)

SOOOOOO  good news on the house!  I got a call from our contractor today.  I told him I feel like a teenage girl when I see his number come up on my phone:)  It's better than getting a call from a boyfriend!  Haha!   It looks like almost everything will be done by the end of this week.  Of course this is Florida and there is always rain to deal with.  Next week the inspections from various county agencies will start....  I'm crossing my fingers for a move in date of April 18-19 but that might be premature.  Selah's surgery is set for May 5th, I really really want to be moved in and settled before we have to deal with that.  Unfortunately the surgery is quite extensive-anything with the hip is rough.  She did good last year, but we hoping this will be the final surgery she will need on her hip.


Well my older boys are going on an EPIC adventure for spring break week.  I'm not going to share the details on line till they are back but I can tell you this Mama is learning how to "let go" and let them grow up.  Having gone through so much more than most people go through to have a child, both my biological and my adopted kids, and then having gone through a tragic accident, it's hard for me to not worry about my kids' safety but I PUSH myself to let them go and do things even if I have to take drugs (just kidding, I rarely have to do that!  LOL)   So anyhow if you think of my boys, just say a little prayer that they will be safe while they are having a fun time this week. 

The thing I appreciate about both of them, is they really don't get how special they are.  They just are who they are and most of the time just incredible guys. It makes me want to let them do things that I never got to do, and certainly never at their ages!!!  I'm a bit jealous and wish I was going with them.


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Hope you all are having a great week!

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  1. They've been 'busy beavers' at your house this past week or so. Trucks zipping back and forth on the road all day~ I smile every time I see one! I'm excited for you! :)