Monday, May 4, 2015




The group, Rhythms of Grace that Shad is in won FIRST place in our state competition for Fine Arts!  Not only did they win first place, they got a PERFECT score!   Now they will go to Nationals this summer.  The kids did a great job practicing and their band leader Rodney brought it all together.  He is an awesome teacher!   We are proud of the kids!!!!!!  (To be honest, I'm proud and a bit shocked LOL  Shad had never played the marimba till February of this year!   And he really didn't practice like he should have LOL!  But I'm happy for them)
Tomorrow Selah has hip surgery at 12 noon at St Joe's in Tampa.  Her things are packed and ready thanks to her nurse.  I have a bag packed too.  I'll play it by ear, it's hard to coordinate everyone's schedule so I'm not sure if I'll stay the night, stay at a friend's house in Tampa or come home.  Jon is working but getting off early to pick up Shad and so that Steve can go to work.    We expect her to be in from Tuesday- Friday or maybe even Saturday. 
Please pray for Selah and for her doctor so that he will have wisdom to know exactly what to do so Selah won't have this issue again! 
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You can see about 70 pictures from three years ago as we did our "paper chase" the day before picking up the girls from the orphanage.  Most of our time was in Donetsk  so sad that now that city is bombed.
Tomorrow is our three year anniversary of our "gotcha day"  Bittersweet!

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  1. Congrats to Shad!! What a great accomplishment! I am sure Selah will do well with her surgery. I am sure everything will go smoothly.