Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day After Surgery, Memories of Kiev and Thoughts of Cuba

Boy do I have a lot to say today!

Day after surgery....

Selah ended up having to have a transfusion early this morning.  She didn't lose a lot of blood but her hemoglobin was down way low.  Her heart rate was high all morning but they had held one med because her blood pressure was a bit low.  I get so annoyed.... at the time when it was due to be given, her blood pressure was lower but by the time she had the transfusion it went back to normal but no one gave her her daily med.  So then her heart rate was up in the 140's for hours.  I finally went over the meds with our nurses to make sure nothing was lacking and realized what had happened.  Once they gave it to her and another med that was not given on time, due to the hospital pharmacy putting it in on their time not Selah's schedule...she was ok.  Her heart rate is back in a normal area and mine is too LOL!

I realize that at home the nurses and I watch over Selah's every little change and try and figure out what is going on and she is our only focus (well at least the nurses' only focus)   Here in ICU they do have other patients but it annoys me that things are just allowed to go on without finding an answer to them!  But  I'm very satisfied that the little glitch has been worked and it wasn't too bad but it's hard for me to see anything made harder for my girl!

Well I have a funny story again....
Last night it was after 11pm when I left the hospital.  I had actually planned on driving home but my oldest son absolutely forbid me to do it!  He told me I was too blind to drive home at night and he didn't want me to get killed.  It really was sweet.  So then I was trying to find a cheap room not too far from the hospital but this area is a bit rough.  So I was on the phone and he was looking on line and I was too.  I thought I'd try a chain that was near here and had a really low price.  I called and made sure it was a hotel where the doors were inside doors.  So I'm following the GPS and talking to my son on the phone.  I pass a HUGE Nudie Bar with all kinds of lights on it, I actually remarked on it to him.....and then I saw the  hotel I was looking for was right beside it!!!!!!!  NO wonder it was so cheap!!!!!!   

Needless to say I made a big U Turn and went to a Hampton Inn near the airport!  They only had one room and hadn't rented it because they'd just cleaned the floor that day and the carpet was damp.  The lady rented it for me for such a low price.  All the other rooms were over $240.  They were so nice to me.  I paid just a little over a third of that price.  It was only $20 more than the crappy chain by the nude bar!  By the time I got in there, the carpet was dry and everything was nice & clean!

It's been YEARS since I stayed in a hotel by myself.  Even though it was late, I enjoyed it!  I took a shower at night and one in the morning LOL!  With our family, we always run out of towels in hotels.  I controlled the tv channel changer too....  It was very relaxing.  

Tonight I'm going home,  Jon and Steve have been working and holding down the fort.  Steve has also continued working with Sam on his GemIIni speech program.  I'm so grateful to Steve for working with Sam and keeping the schedule consistent for all the kids.  Thankfully he works at night so it's easy for him and Jon to trade off.  What will we do when he leaves for college??????   He is such a big help. 


Here's some pictures from three years ago in Kiev
we had the girls and were doing all the paper chase to get their American visas done.
Sarah and Selah were taking a nap after a big lunch

 I was soooooo happy with my meal from TGIF!

The street near TGIF and our apartment.  We were just one block over from where the big protest was at. 



that was our apartment building

So I have a question....does anyone have any contacts in Cuba?  I'm interested in partnering with a special needs orphanage there.  I just saw on TV this morning that there has been ferry service approved between Florida and Cuba and each person would be allowed to take 200 pounds of luggage free with their ticket. So if Jon and I went down, we could take 400 pounds of medical supplies with us!!!    We often have extra medical supplies and know of other families who do also.  I've always been interested in Cuba-with it being so close to us yet so remote.  I'd love to get involved in helping an orphanage there and raising money for projects etc....  I've got some phone calls in and I've looked on line but there is not much out there.  It would certainly be a "new field" where people could jump in and help. It's so close and if we are able to transport supplies there, it would make sense to help out!  Please email me at and let me know of any contacts you may have....and no I don't speak much Spanish!


  1. A friend of ours is a businessman who travels to Cuba occasionally on 'grunt work' mission trips. I will ask him if he has dealings with any orphanages there. He has offered to take my husband there whenever he wants to go, but so far the timing has not worked out.

  2. When we have extra medical supplies, we give them to our doctor to redistribute. He knows which of his patients need them. Why send them off to Cuba when Americans can use them right here? Hugs, JEB