Sunday, May 24, 2015

Great weekend!

What a great weekend we've had!

We started by going to Homosassa Springs on Friday.  We went there years ago when Steve was just getting ready to go into kindergarten and now he's getting ready to go to college.  The time flies so quickly. 

Homosassa Springs is a small zoo that has a big Manatee rehab department.  They have a few native Floridian wild life species and lots of birds (I'm not a big bird fan)  The main draw for Shad was the underwater Manatee observation area.  We enjoyed that area and got right up by the manatees while they were eating. 

Steve and Jon in the observation area


See the owls?

My manatee friend

on our boat ride


I suggest if you ever visit Florida, try some of the Florida State Parks to learn about the REAL Florida! 
Then that night we went to see the movie "Tomorrow Land"  it was ok-the action scenes were good but the story line not so good in my opinion.  I just love going to movies even if they aren't that good! LOL
Saturday we went to MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) in Tampa.  I don't care for museums unless they are history museums but Steve really wanted to go, he hadn't been for years.    But before we even left, we had a visit from our Peacock friend!  It must be mating season because he has been all over our country neighborhood.  we have several in the area but this guy pretty much lives on our road. 
So at MOSI Steve and Shad did a roller coaster simulator -Jon and I didn't cause we did not want to start the day off throwing up! 
Hurricane winds
Shad and Steve suited up for the Ropes course and the Zip line!








we then watched the IMAX movie on "Journey to Space"
  I'd never seen an IMAX movie before, wow what a treat!!!!!  
What a FUN weekend we had!!!!   We are so grateful for our babysitter Anna and for the respite hours we got from a program!   We had a great time spending time with our older boys and doing some things the little ones would not have wanted to do!  They were happy at home with their Anna!
Today the girls dressed for Memorial Day Sunday



Sarah smiles all the time EXCEPT when she is getting her picture taken.  I love to catch a smile on camera!

Selah wasn't smiling when I took this picture but did fine through the church service.  She is doing so much better.  She's off any prescription pain meds and will go back to see the doctor on Tuesday for an xray to make sure everything is healing correctly.  She has her beloved Rose with her:)  
Well we've had a wonderful weekend spending time with our older boys.  Going to Homosassa Springs again reminded me just of how FAST time flies.....  just a few years ago we were there with our little boy who was just a few weeks away from going to kindergarten.....  the thought of him going off to college was no where near my head....he was such a baby.  But we blinked....and added FOUR more kids....and 13 years later our little boy will soon be leaving for college.  Times flies.....  Treasure your kids "the days are long, but the years are short" 


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