Thursday, May 7, 2015

More about Selah, Shad and Cuba!!!

Selah is continuing to be pain free!  She still has the epidural.  We are just a tiny bit concerned about her temp, she keeps having a small one.  Also her secretions are a bit discolored/yellow and her hemoglobin has gone down a bit since the transfusion.  No one is extremely worried about any of this (except me of course lol)  but she's never had the slightest complication before with orthopedic surgery (this is her 3rd)   I'm on cloud nine about her being pain free.  It looks like she will have the epidural through tomorrow so she certainly won't come home till Saturday at the earliest.    Our PT said the first 48 hours are the worst so thankfully because of the epidural, she didn't have to experience any of that. 

I went home last night and loved on my other kids.  Sarah wouldn't let me go:)  She was on me all night like a magnet.  It was good to be home for a little bit

This morning Shad woke up with his right hand the size of a baseball glove!  Yesterday he had been bitten by a horse fly.  I LOATH horse flies!!!!   Anyhow Jon took him straight to Urgent Care and they diagnosed him with cellulitis! AGAIN!!!  This is the 6th or 7th time in just 3 years.  The last time he had it, we were told if he had it again he'd probably be put in the hospital on IV meds to see if it could be knocked out of his system.  So I was envisioning two kids at two different hospitals!  I'm kinda glad they didn't follow through with that hospitalization but I'm going to look into this with our pediatrician soon. 

I think Shad's issue was from the orphanage.  When we got him, he had a rash at his waistline that was awful.   He had to go on a couple of different meds to clear it up.  I can't remember now what it was actually diagnosed as but I'm thinking it has something to do with these crazy bouts of cellulitis he keeps having.  It looked different and would even bled but I think it is related.  So once I get Selah home, I'm going to set up an appointment for Shad to get to the bottom of this problem. 


This was a comment from yesterday's post
When we have extra medical supplies, we give them to our doctor to redistribute. He knows which of his patients need them. Why send them off to Cuba when Americans can use them right here?

So I just wanted to explain a few things.  First we have been giving away extra medical supplies for years.  To be honest, sometimes it is hard to find anyone who wants or can use them.  I ask all my kids' teachers, therapists and some of our doctors too. And I've found a home for some things.   I have been able to give some things to a ministry that works with handicapped young adults too.  But honestly it's been hard at times to find people who really need things and I have lots and lots of contacts.  Most people have insurance or Medicaid on their kids.  The things I have are things for more handicapped people and most of those folks are on Medicaid because of the severity of their disabilities and get their own supplies.  I've even gone on groups on FB and offered things before.  So, I've been there and done that!

I've also been able to give some things to ministries that were able to take the supplies to other countries.

So why would I think to send things to Cuba or any other country?  Because we are so blessed in this country and so many others do not have the chance to have all that we have!

I've seen so much in my travels.  We are so blessed in this country, even people like us who don't have a ton of money have so much more than families in other countries.  In other some other countries, people have such a hard time getting things that we take for granted.

And Orphans get the least and last of anything that is left over. 

In a country like Cuba, I can not even imagine the discomfort and lack of care/medical supplies/food etc....   so WHY send things to Cuba?  Cause the bible tells us to take care of orphans, it tells us not to withhold good when we can do it...that's why!!!!!

So I'm committed to find a way to bless an orphanage in Cuba.  I've been making phone calls from Selah's hospital room.  I've contacted out denomination  and the Catholic church too.  There has been little contact inside Cuba, I could find just a tiny bit of info on orphanages on the internet and none of them had any real info.  I'm sure that I will find a way to help out.  I figure if God puts something on my heart, then I need to do it!

I'm committing any funds that come in through my blog to Cuba for the next few months and I hope to make this dream a reality to help an orphanage there and maybe build a long term relationship in which I could help do projects or whatever is needed. 

Politically I'm very conservative and in theory supported the embargo that we had placed on Cuba for political reasons BUT it's hard for me to think of the people of Cuba suffering because of it.  I'm thrilled to think I can a very small part of helping our Cuban neighbors!

The above article tells a little more about the ferry service I hope to be able to use to get supplies to orphanages there. 

So if you want to give, you can always give through our church

Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl
 just mark your check/money order Cuban orphans and I'll see it will only be used for that purpose!!!!!


  1. To be honest I have never understood the "us first" mentality of many Americans. ALL people are God's children. He doesn't see borders and labels. We were never ordered to give only to Americans only but to "the least of these". I am so glad your Selah is pain free and I hope Shad heals soon. :)

  2. I am Canadian but for American politics side more with the Democrats, but I really appreciate your views on most things. I used to read your blog more often, and you commented on how you'd handle one of your boys coming out as gay and I really appreciated your viewpoint, even though I disagree with it being a sin or wrong. This is just one example though. You don't seem to get sucked into irrationality, and here in Canada our impression of Republicans is that they essentially hate all liberal efforts and distort facts to make liberals seem like whackadoos. (This may be a stereotype, but sadly it's not wrong. Take gun control. My understanding of Obama's gun control hope is that there be background checks prior to someone being able to legally purchase a gun and that guns not be able to hold a large amount of bullets. Yet some Republican politicians tell their supporters that Obama wants to take their guns away. It irks me because this is just not true. Guns should not be in the hands of mentally unstable people, and sure it won't keep all the guns out of "bad guys'" hands, but even if the deaths due to mass shootings halves in the next year due to control, that is in everyone's best interest. Other than funeral homes.)

    Anyway. I didn't intend this to be a discussion, I just wanted to let you know I appreciated your sensibility. I'm sure we don't agree on a lot of things, but your viewpoint is refreshing.

    P.S. When a family announces their intention to adopt internationally I've seen people asking them why they would adopt from another country when there are lots of kids needing homes domestically. That seems like such a ridiculous notion to me. Most American kids in foster care had it so much better than Selah did in her orphanage. But it's not a pity party either, I'd ask them "What makes children who live in the States more deserving than children living in other countries?"
    The same applies for the medical supplies, except that medical supplies are so much easier to find and acquire in developed nations.

    Ignore the haters.

    1. Thanks! My husband says I have a Liberal heart and a conservative mind LOL And yes Foster care may not be perfect BUT compared to what all I've seen in some other countries, it's so much better. I know quite a few folks who do foster care and they feel it is a ministry to care for kids.