Thursday, May 14, 2015

PJ Thursday!

I'd swore off of "GoFundMe" pages because of their liberal political bent and the fact a tiny bit of the money goes to the company but I have to share what one of my blog readers shared with me.  Read the story!

This little girl is living with EB a horrible skin disease.  A woman from the UK saw her when she visited Vietnam and wants to adopt her and take care of her.  She is in process.....If you can help please do, if you can't give can you share her on FB????

This little girl needs a family....
My husband laughs at me and says I have the mind of a conservative and a heart of a liberal so I'm breaking my own vow on GoFundMe after only a week or so LOL  but I hope to help this little girl!

Yeah!  Selah is continuing to do better daily.  It's still quite painful but she is up in her wheelchair some and has had PT today.  The PT was telling another teacher how involved the surgery was and I learned even more.  I knew Selah had been given donor bone to build up her hips socket, but didn't realize that her bone and been split to put the bone in!  Poor girl!  I'm so glad she had a epidural for those first 4 days!!!!

Summer has come with a vengeance here in Florida!  It's really really hot!  I feel more like it is July than May but that's ok we can take it!  I had to buy Sam and Sarah new PJs.  I've always kept Sarah in zip up PJs cause if she gets out from underneath her covers, she can't always figure out how to put them back on her.  I'm afraid she'd be cold.  Plus she has always been thin and long so for the PJs to fit her right, in length, they were usually too big at the waist and she'd literally come up out of them LOL!  I really didn't want that to happen but now it seems like her length and width is getting more in line. 

They also got new tennis shoes yesterday and new summer hair cuts!!!
Their PJs are both Minions I think that is so cute!
Great news for Steve!  He got another $3000 (for the year) scholarship for college!!!  He has more than half of his college paid for in scholarships and grants!  He was quite pleased with the news.
Shad is enjoying end of the year things at school.  Today they went and saw a new Disney movie about monkeys.  Tomorrow they have water day at school with giant slip and slides etc.  He's done such a good job this year, did some changing and got on track with everything.  He's also pleased with himself which is important.  He is working on his 7th grade work and trying to figure out how to graduate from high school early LOL  at this rate he certainly will!!!!
 Thought you'd enjoy this funny picture of two of our kittens!

But then sissy had to get in the middle
These kittens are so much fun.  I've never had kittens born in the house like these.  I believe they think they are human.  We aren't giving any of them away but we are getting their Mama spayed and all four of the kittens too as soon as they are old enough. 
Hope you all have a good week!

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  1. You might check with your local Humane Society or see if you have a local program that will help get them fixed for you. Our Humane Society has lots of spay days at a reduce rate and we also have a program called Sterile Feral where they spay/neuter your cats/kittens and then bring them back to you manage. I am called a Colony Manager for 13 feral cats that have been dumped at my house. They fixed them I provide food and shelter for them. They clip their ear tip so if they are every picked up they know they have been fixed. I thought that was cruel at first but finally got over that. They are beyond adorable.