Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Re-Adoption and Cuban contact!

This is a RARE day for me, I got everything done that was on my to do list!!!  

Selah is doing much better overall, still sore but she had a huge surgery.  I'm not sure if I shared or not that she had a bit of a bone graft done in her hip.  The doctor used donor bone tissue to build her a better hip socket.  Because of all the years of being in a bed in Ukraine, her hips did not develop correctly and there is not much of a socket.   So she is one week post op and doing pretty good!

We filed paperwork to "readopt" Shad, Selah and Sarah in the US back in 2013.  Their adoptions were legal overseas and the US government accepts the adoptions as legal but it's a good idea to readopt so the child has a US birth certificate.  The girls are already US citizens but Shad is not.  That is because I alone went to pick him up.  The law requires both parents to meet the child in person before the adoption is final overseas for the child to enter the country as a citizen.  With the girls, they legally became citizens as soon as our feet hit the ground at the Dulles   Shad is legal, he is a Permanent Resident and has a Social Security card etc..... But we want him to be a citizen and this is the best way to go about it in our state. 

Originally the paperwork was done by a lawyer friend and I submitted it....late 2013!  We kept expecting to hear back but I never took the time to go back to the courthouse to check  on it as that is the only way to check on it.  Well I went today and everything was done expect for a Final Hearing.  I actually did the Motion for a Final Hearing myself with some help from the wonderful woman in the law library!!!  It reminded me of my old life and all the court paper work I submitted daily LOL.  This time I was quite nervous making sure I did it all right since it's been so long since I've done anything like that!

So now we wait and soon we'll have the hearing and do their readoption.  I'm looking forward to it and then being able to do Shad's citizenship paperwork.  He wants a US passport so bad!!!  I think he can get one as a Permanent Resident but I'll wait so I don't have to pay the fee twice! 

Do any of you use Consignment Shops?  I do for myself and the little kids.  Well today I stopped by the Ladies Consignment shop and found I had a check for $122!!!!   Then I called the main Children's Consignment shop I use and found I have a check for $368!   All together I have enough to buy the porch swing I want for our new house  (move in date 5 weeks from tomorrow)   I also have some things to take to another consignment shop the next time I go to Lakeland.  I bet over the past two years I've made $1000 or close to it with consignment!  I still give things away because the shops I go to are very picky but this is a way to get rid of things you don't use or wear anymore and make a little money!  You can also find some great buys at them too. 

The best news is I have a contact in Cuba!!!  I found them on line at  http://friendstocuba.weebly.com/  They are Canadian and have been involved in various humanitarian efforts in Cuba for almost two decades.   They have helped out an orphanage and are going back next month.  They have long term contacts in Cuba and they are going to scout our some special needs orphanages for us.   I hope to be able to make contacts and have somewhere to focus our efforts on soon!!!!!   I hope to be able to share more later with you all!!!

Well hope you all have a good night, I'm going to sit with Sam and do his GemIIni lessons now.....pray for me, it is tedious to say the least but it seems to be working for him!

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