Saturday, May 9, 2015

Selah's home!

Selah was brought home today by ambulance.  We didn't want to move her around too much and felt she'd be more comfortable in the ambulance.  This morning they were so quick to do her discharge that I didn't even make it up to the hospital.  I was really impressed with how quickly things got done.  The doctor and I did her discharge by phone and within a few minutes the ambulance folks were there to pick her up.  I couldn't ride with her anyhow so it made it really easy on us.  So I got a chance to get her room clean and ready for her.  She's doing ok, definitely having more pain issues but not too bad.  Our nurse was here to check her in and all of our nurses were ready to be back taking care of their girl.

Well three years ago tonight was when we made it home from Ukraine.  How ironic!  And two years ago Sam and I arrived home on May 9th from our emergency NY trip for his eye.

This is what I wrote on FB tonight
Three years ago tonight we made it home from Ukraine with our precious daughters. I can still remember how RELEIVED I was to put them in their cribs that night. So thankful I took these was worth it all, every penny spent, every mile flown, driven or on a train to get to them, every inconvenience, every fear, every doubt and every worry. God brought these two girls home to our family and now when days are long, and there are other worries and concerns, I doubt that God will somehow see our family through. These pictures are a testimony to a faithful God who does not forget the fatherless, the ones deemed unlovable, the child hidden away in an adult mental institution. God still knew their names and cared for them. I'm so thankful that He gave us the guts to go and get them and I'd encourage anyone reading this post to never be afraid to step out and do the right thing, the thing that God puts on your heart to do. There is suffering in this world, but God can enable you to take away some of it if you will be open and listen to that nudge from the Lord. I love these girls, obviously I did not know what the future held ahead for us, but God is still good and He's still faithful.

Sarah always slept like that, for years!  Now she sleeps normally.  

This picture was taken in Kiev right before we left to come home
Sam, Jon and Selah.  Look at Jon and Selah, they are holding hands, even tho they are asleep.  Is that one of the sweetest things ever? And Sam has his shirt up LOL

Pictures from yesterday at the hospital.
Doesn't Sarah look grown up how she is sitting?
All my kids together, no matter what:)

My Mother's Day lunch was yesterday (not even going to try and go out on Sunday!

we go to Olive Garden a lot when we eat out.  They will puree the soup for Sarah.  she ate THREE bowls of it yesterday.

And my pick Mama Cat of the year.....
the kittens are only 8.5 weeks old and are huge!
I feed Gladys all the time and the kittens all eat on their own but she still nurses them.  She has been the best Mama Cat.  The first day she was freaked out but she has done a great job. 


Please keep Selah in your prayers.  We are working hard on managing her pain.  So far so good, but you can tell it's only being kept at bay.  She looks great and is back to being very aware of us. 
Shad asked me if I had told everyone his big news and I'm not sure I blogged about it but.......
He is in ALL 7th grade work now!
Yes he is finishing 5th grade next month but he is completely in 7th grade school work.  He is quite proud of himself and we are proud of him too!
He struggled with following the strict rules in class this year and tried to cut corners but he worked through that and now is a model student who follows the rules and is ahead.  Now he has a real pride in what he has accomplished.  So kudos to Shad!!!! 

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