Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Selah's Surgery

Selah and her "grandma" Rose. 
Today Selah had a 7 hour operation on her hip.  I was not expecting it to be as long as that, and I don't think her doctor quite thought it would be that long either.  So she had the tendons of her leg cut, her muscle pulled away from her femur and her hip socket built up and the pin replaced.  Her doctor feels that she will not have any more issues with her hip after this surgery. 
Since Selah didn't walk much, the hip socket did not develop normally so now she is stiffer and her muscles pull up and then pull out her socket- to describe what has happened. 
She had some blood loss and was close to having to have a blood transfusion but thankfully did not end up having to have it. 
The doctor put in an epidural that will stay until Thursday so she is in no pain whatsoever.  She is sleeping good tonight. 
Please continue to pray for her, that she will heal quickly and have as little pain as possible once the epidural is taken out. 
One of my best friends came and stayed with me and kept my mind off of things.  I don't know what I'd done without her.  Jon was with the other kids.  He worked a half day and then came home with Shad so Steve could go to work.  We all work together:)
I took this picture right before she was admitted.  I said "Selah look at Mommy and she looked and then moved her head away three times so I gave up:)
Today was three years since we left the orphanage with our precious girls. 
What a wonderful day!!!!!


Funny Story!
Last night about 2:30 AM, dear Molly was barking and barking.  She did wake me up but I ignored her.  Finally Steve came in our room and told us that he thought the dog was fighting another animal right by their window.  So we all go outside....Molly had trapped an ANGRY armadillo in our flower bed.  The armadillo had dug in a hole, and only his shell could be seen.  But the armadillo was so angry, it was growling!  I had to bring Molly inside and Jon & Steve had to get shovels and dig out the armadillo.  We figured that if we didn't get the armadillo out of the yard, then Molly would not shut up all night!  So they got it out safely and it ran off in the woods AND then we all went back to sleep!!!!!




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