Saturday, May 2, 2015

Therapy Time

Back at the library with my baby boy!  He is sitting here listening & watching the GemIIni program repeat over and over.  He loves it.  I'm praying that this will be the key that opens his little mind to speech! 

With our three little ones, we have tried everything there is out there to help them whether it has been various therapies, doctors, medicines, and now this.  Sam has been in therapy since he was 2 months old.  We've tried different kinds over the years.  He even got to go to Dolphin Therapy in the Florida Keys for a week before he had the eye implant.  With Selah we have focused on fish oil and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  With Sarah it has been more therapy and consultations with various specialists as well as swimming lessons. 

Do I know that any of this has helped?  It's very hard to say with therapy since each child's base line is different and there is no real way to compare children but I feel it has helped.  I don't regret anything we've tried with any of the children.  Our three little ones have significant issues, they will never have a "normal" life but we want them to have the opportunity to have a life that is as stress free as possible.  So if Sam can enjoy the therapy and gain some words/understanding then it is worth it.  Of course we are hopefully that this program might be a key for unlocking language for him.

One thing over the years that I'm very adamant about is, that therapy should be enjoyable for the child.  I've seen children cry and scream in therapy.  Thankfully my little ones have almost always enjoyed whatever therapy they were in.  If they didn't, I probably would not keep them in it.  Also I've been super careful with choosing the children's therapists.  I've had some bad experiences especially in the public school system but overall most therapists have been good. 

One thing I'd like to try with Sam and Sarah is horse therapy.  I don't know of any services near our home.  Maybe one day we can try that.

I don't feel the need to make my kids "perfect"  I think they are perfect the way they are!  But I do not want to be lazy if they need special help in an area.  Most of the time I feel if the child is going to do/learn something he will without a lot of help but I want to give my little ones all the opportunity to learn things "their way"   It's a fine line to walk. 

I think when Sam was a baby, I did try and "fix him" with therapy BUT I still do not regret it.  I see the things he can do that Sarah can't do (I compare them because they have the same diagnosis with Peter's)  and I wonder if Sarah had had therapy, maybe she could do more things that would help her enjoy life more. 

But if my little ones never change from where they are right now, it's still fine with me!  I'm not going to love them any less or love them any more if they learn new skills.  But at the end of the day, I want to know I gave them every chance in the world!!!!!!


Well I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  It is gorgeous weather here in Florida.  We are going to go out some this afternoon.

Shad is in Orlando at our church's denomination's Fine Arts Competition.  He is in our percussion group.  He has learned to play the marimba.  They did a great job in competition and will learn today if they make it nationals. 

My kids keep me hopping!  From the oldest getting ready to go to college in three months, to Shad in Fine Arts, Sam doing this new learning system, Selah having surgery on Tuesday.......everything is so different with each one I just have to pray for strength and wisdom!!!!!!

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