Sunday, June 14, 2015

Most Improved!

A quick update on my friend, Robby was downgraded from ICU to a regular room and is off oxygen.  His wife was told that the only reason he made it was because of his age.  he was extremely sick but thank God he is on the road to recovery!  Thanks for your prayers for him and my girl friend  

Well we have been busy packing!  I know I say that all the time but it is amazing how much there is to do in a move with this many people.  I actually had to repack the kitchen as I packed it when we thought we were moving in April..... since then I'd been taking things out as needed.  We will move things on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I'm not sure how everything will work out right now but I HAVE A PLAN!   Luckily I've been able to pack some things into the church's various rooms/buildings.  So those things will go first and be unpacked before we start on what is in the house.  We are planning on doing Selah's room on Saturday and hopefully doing it all in a couple of hours so she can be moved in with no stress to her!  Her and her nurse will go to the movies for a few hours until it is all moved out of her old room and unpacked in her new room. 

Hopefully I have someone to watch Sam and Sarah!  Their normal babysitter is sick along with her whole family so I don't know how things will go.  I can only keep my fingers crossed.  Otherwise, Jon will have to stay home with them.  The kids can't be up in al of it!  And  I have to be able to tell folks where to put things because I have it all in my brain LOL.  He doesn't know how I want things.  My husband is NOT one of those husbands who get involved or is interested in decorating or doing house stuff LOL   He likes it once it is all done, but he doesn't have any big preferences other than NO pink (for him) and it has to be comfortable. 

This whole moving thing is exhausting!  The logistics of moving 7 people are overwhelming.  We are trying to be precise & thoughtful.

When I worked, I tried to have an idea of "Touch it ONCE"  That meant I could only touch a piece of paper one time without doing to it what ever was needed.  If it needed to be filed, it should be filed the first time I touched it instead of putting it into a pile of filing.  If I needed to return a call, I'd return it then instead of putting the paper in a pile of other calls....Now I know I did not always live up to that but I tried to and that's what I'm trying to do in this move!

We also took time to go and see the new movie Jurassic World.  I loved it, we all did.  I love going to movies with my family.  We had to take Sam and Sarah and Sarah liked the theater seats.  I usually hold her or keep her in her wheelchair but she was antsy (probably the loud noise) and she wanted her own seat, that she proceeded to rock the rest of the movie.  It was cute.  I think she wants her own theater seat.

Friday night we also went to Shad's award ceremony.  He received the Most Improved Award for 5th grade.  His teacher shared how Shad never has struggled academically but he has struggled with telling the truth and doing things the way he was told to do them.  It was a little funny to me, being the sarcastic person I am.... in fact I felt my husband shaking with silent laughter too, and that almost did me in.  Luckily the room was dark and just the stage was lite up or we might would have embarrassed ourselves.  I guess there is just no easy way to give someone the Most Improved without sharing how or why they needed to improve!   Shad was quite happy about the award.  He also had straight A's for the year and did 90 school books.  He finished 5th grade, by being firmly into 7th grade work.   Wonder how far he will go next year?

This is a picture of our giant steroid kittens nursing.  Ladies this is what YOU look like when you are nursing your four year old LOL!!!!  Gladys is quite tired of them and stays outside most of the time.  She'd rather deal with the dog than the kittens LOL  The kittens are just over 3 months old!  Are they huge or what???

Just three months ago!!!!!
Yesterday I opened the gate and looked beside me and JUMPED!  Look at who was looking at me!   Guess he likes the honeysuckle bush too.  Don't worry he was not harmed, just a little garden snake.

Well I don't know how often I'll have a chance to update this week but I will when I can with lots of pictures!!!   Wish us luck on the move ....I'm just praying I will not get too stressed out or drop a box on my toe....Especially with half the church helping us LOL!~!!!!  They might not think I'm a good PW!


  1. Good luck with the move! Those kittens are big!LOL Must be an awesome Mama cat!

  2. Please get your cat (including the kittens) fixed.

  3. We always do. Gladys came up pregnant.