Wednesday, June 10, 2015

School's Out!

School is out for the summer....FINALLY!  So today we are at the library as a major thunderstorm swirls  around us.  Shad is reading a new "Goosebumps" book, Sam is working on his GeminIIa program, Steve's working on some of his paperwork for college and Sarah is playing on the floor.  We have been a little lax with Sam's GeminIIa speech program because we could not down load the next session to his I pad and didn't have the time to come to the library.  So we are downloading everything we can so he'll have it for the next couple of weeks.  We can't wait to have high speed internet!  If you don't live in the country you have no idea in this fast paced world of how hard it is to do things!  If you remember dial up....that's about what we have. 

So we have only one week to go before the dedication of our new home!  The dedication will be next
Wednesday afternoon.  We plan on moving Thursday-Saturday. Since we have so much of our things packed up already and in our church's fellowship hall, those things will go first.  then we will work on the church office and nursery which are also filled with boxes.  We plan on doing that on Thursday.  Friday we'll move everything left out of our house and all the furniture.  Then Saturday morning we are moving Selah's room.  Two of her nurses are coming to help us and keep her as calm as possible.  So I have it all worked out in my mind how it will go.  I'm a pretty good mover and rather organized most of the time, I've just never moved with 5 kids and all kinds of medical equipment.  Thankfully we will have lots of help. 

The next Friday night our church and some friends are throwing us a housewarming shower.  So many things to look forward to :)

Sarah is just growing and growing.  It's so great to see her have a growth spurt.  Selah has had one too and we've gone through Selah's closet and Sarah has gotten a lot of hand me downs.  She is looking so cute in one of Selah's sun dresses today.  Since Sarah doesn't understand modesty (which means she twirls and lets her clothes go wherever they want to go LOL)  she wears bicycle shorts or shorts that are called "playground shorts" under her dresses.  Actually the bike shorts are nicer and longer.   It's important to me when people to see my little ones and they know that we care about them and how they look.  Sometimes when we are at a specialists we will see other children who are like Selah or Sam or Sarah (meaning the child depends on the parent completely to be clean and dressed) and the child is so dirty and they have on dirty clothes.  Not that an accident can't happen or something be spilled but that's not usually the case with some of these precious kids. You can tell they aren't kept clean.   I get so upset as do my nurses if one is with me.  To me it is disrespectful to the child to not take good care of them in all areas.  The clothes don't have to be new or expensive, Sarah has a cute dress on today that Selah has worn for two years, that I got from a thrift store I probably didn't pay more than $2 for it or it may have been given to me from someone else and now both girls have worn it!  So I'm not saying someone has to spend a hundred dollars on a child's outfit but they can be clean and decent looking.  Every time we've taken Selah to a doctor, we are complimented on how clean she is, not just her body but her mouth and gtube & trach  area etc....  Of course with Selah I have the nurses to thank for the great care she gets and that is what I tell our doctors every time.  Mouth care is a huge thing for a handicapped child.  Selah tends to keep her mouth open and gets dried gook on her tongue that has to be cleaned off carefully.  Both Sam and Sarah have to have their teeth brushed for them and it is quite a procedure since neither know how to spit.  We do all their personal care because we love them but sometimes it is quite a chore.  Sarah is very hard to dress, it's like she doesn't get the reason why her arms or legs are being moved. I'm so glad when it is warm weather and she wears shorts and short sleeved shirts.  It makes life much easier.   Sam helps us dress him and that is a huge help!  When we move, we are putting a bar up in Sarah's room like a ballerina bar in hopes that she can learn to hold on to it and help us dress her, by lifting a foot to put in her pants leg and things like that.  Her therapist recommended it. 

Here is Sarah in her thrice worn thrift store hand me down dress.  Cute huh?

Can I ask you a favor?  Two of my childhood friends are really going through some major health issues.  My best friend that I had growing up, has gotten a  thyroid cancer diagnosis and has had surgery for its removal.  She is now waiting to learn the next step.  Please pray for my precious friend who made my life so happy as a kid/teen.  She means the world to me.  We don't see each other but like once a year now but when we do, it's great!  Pray that every cell of cancer is gone and that she has a perfect recovery.   My other friend is a guy who grew up going to church with me- I've known him all my life.  He and his wife graduated from high school with me.  He has a very rare form of  pneumonia.  His wife has been told that he will get much worse before he gets better and will have to go on a respirator.  They don't want to have to do that of course!  Both of my friends need God's help in their physical bodies as well as peace.  Please pray for my friends.  Thank you!


  1. Your friends are in my prayers.

  2. Awe I really prayed hard for your friends Yvonne. I also prayed for the the unfortunate people who are very I'll including babies and young children without family to please come forward to them. Even if it is just visits or mail. At least the children in my care would know that I tried and always wanted the very best for each and every single one.