Sunday, July 12, 2015

All Kinds of Things

What a busy few days we've had!  I feel like I write that all time but I'd like some relaxing days sometimes!!!

Thursday we took the kittens to get fixed and the older cats for their shots.  I didn't pick them up until Friday morning.  When we went in to get them, there was a very odd lady there who had a baby kitten.  She said she'd found it and it hadn't eaten or wouldn't eat in days.  She keep walking in and out.  She didn't want the kitten.  She had a 2 or 3 year old with her that was actually holding the kitten in a towel.  I was so worried I offered to take the kitten.  The staff was laughing at me because they know me from all of my rescues.  Anyhow we brought them home and luckily one of our nurses took the kitten home with her. 


Shad and I really wanted to keep her but since Gladys was leaving for the farm, we are really trying to get our cat population down not up :)


Then I went with Steve to register for classes.  He was able to get the classes he wanted and a great schedule.  He also applied for some on campus jobs.  It's so cool to relive my college experience with him.  I absolutely loved my years at Southeastern and love to see how excited he is to start there.  We've always wanted him to have the "fire in his belly" for whatever he chose to do.  We are finally seeing it with the anticipation he has for school.  His major is Communications/Broadcasting.  He jokes that he can always use this in the prison and do all their broadcasting.  We are so excited for him

On the way home we saw this guy by the side of the road.

So you know I had to get out and look at him. 

I'm pretty sure the gator was dead, it smelled and he didn't respond to noise but  I didn't' get too close!

Saturday was our Variety Show at church to raise money for the Fine Arts trip.  I committed Jon and I to it for one show but it turned into 3 shows so it was a very long day for the kids (and us too)  But we had a really good time.  Jon and I sang an old Johnny & June Cash song, "Jackson".  Well we mostly lip synched to be honest but we had a blast and had the whole place laughing. 




Jon was wearing black since Johnny Cash was "the man in black"

the whole gang

Jon's dad and uncles grew up as friends with the Cash family.  They were all sharecroppers' together in southern Arkansas in a little town called Dice or Dyce.  The town was a FDR experiment with communal living.  Basically each family was given some land & a house.  They were allowed to work their land and sell the profits.  Then there also was like a community farm.  Jon's Uncle Harvey, was mentioned as one of JC's best childhood friends in JC's last biography. 
We always liked the song "Jackson" because it starts out "We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout."  It's not a song that usually is sung in church tho LOL! 
The variety show raised all the money needed for them to go to Fine Arts thanks to the generosity of all that gave.   We had great door prizes thanks to some wonderful local businesses like the Village Inn, Zephyrhills Cinema, Happy Cow, Sunrise Eatery, 5 Guys and a Burger, Hobby Lobby, Zephyrhills Bowling Alley, Sonny's BBQ,  and some more I'm sure I'm forgetting! 
So after a busy few days, we are happy to be relaxing this rainy afternoon at home watching Netflix :) 


  1. Yvonne looks like u have gained weight! U look awesome when u were eating vegan
    And people reading don't attack my grammar because its not good. You all seem to do that when u hate a comment. But you just look a bit puffy....other than that looks like life is great! Sweet kitten Shad is w in pic with! Looks like u had great fun w kid does! Sorry if I hurt ur feelings just being honest u look like u gained bit weight or just puffy.I know I'm not gorgeous myself so I'm not perfect either! Oksanna!!

  2. LOL I've not gained any weight but I admit those are not the best pics. Hopefully it's just the angle.

  3. Oh yes I get that bad Anglesvcan make people look puffy or as the midriff is larger I bet that vegan diet did u in for at least 10 pounds. I know when I fist went vegan and just eating fish I lost 15 in 2 weeks. Then I cut fish lost 10. Then I'm sure u lost a great're still beautiful face.can't say on your husband because I can't see him as clearly.sorry I don't want to hurt feelings. Oksana.

  4. Oh my word, Yvonne, don't pay any mind to that comment. You look wonderful! I'm shocked someone would even say such a thing :-/ I'm so glad the variety show was so fun and fruitful for your group. How neat! And I just adore the pictures of Shad with the kitten. He has such an infectious smile- hard not to smile along with the sweet boy!