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I read this post today and it really spoke to me for the most part.  Not sure about the part where it says God won't allow someone to do something in order for us to look only to Him.  In one way I agree but in another I disagree.   In my experience God doesn't need to stop someone from doing good, they usually stop themselves LOL.  But there is that kernel of truth there.

 So many times in my life I did not feel supported by others.  I remember when I left home for college, I could count on one hand (and have some fingers left over) the folks that supported me and none of them were family members.   I even had a minister preach AGAINST me from the pulpit.  Can't get much lower than that!!   But God.....was with me and helped me through to graduation. 

When we were home missionaries, we were no-bodies in our denomination  and it was very hard to schedule services, and raise the required support.   But God.....was with us and helped us through. 

Those two experiences built FAITH in me, not for what man would do, but how God would take care of us. 

When we were adopting Shad, I just knew that everyone in our large church would JUMP on board and help us raise money, do car washes, yard sales etc......  LOL that so did not happen!  In fact I heard that one of the deacons ( a very wealthy man) asked WHY we would go get another kid with a problem since we already had one with a problem (Sam).  So I chose NOT to get bitter (although I've not ever forgotten those statements or lack of support- it reminds me to help others and not discourage them)   THEN an amazing thing began to happen, people started helping us, some people that church folks might call "heathens" gave to our adoption.  We received grants and had some fees slashed.   It was CRAZY!  And it was all from the hand of God not from a man! 

When we started the girls adoption, we knew it would be all God.  We didn't try to do any fund raising, we just left it up to God and in 8 weeks, every penny was raised.  NOT from the people that had extra money to give, but from the ones who gave sacrificially.    It was like walking in the middle of a miracle. 

When the accident happened and Jon was out of work for months, God provided for us abundantly. We never once asked for anything, in fact we didn't even think about money- we were so devastated.   God provided from so many different sources, people were so very kind.  But what was funny, when we looked back was how it all happened and where it came from.  It didn't come from any place that we would have thought it came from but from unexpected sources.    We did have some folks make promises to us that we never saw....but we were so intently focused on Selah it didn't really matter to us at the time.  In fact we forgot some of it till later. 

We knew we had to move into a home that was better equipped for the children, especially Selah but never dreamed of how it would work out.  A charity that we had heard of, but really didn't know much about came along side of us to help us.  I don't think Habitat for Humanity ever once crossed my mind as I worried about how we'd afford a home that would meet her needs.  But then BAM!  They were there for us.  I can truly say they have done everything and then some, that they told us they would do.  It's been a good experience.  I'd encourage anyone to contribute or get involved with Habitat, they also build homes in other countries.  ( BTW our home is not free, we have a 30 year mortgage, it's just a home beyond anything we could have bought or built on our own thanks to all the donations and volunteer hours that cut the cost down)

I usually don't share about something I'm dealing with until I've totally dealt with it but I will admit that right now I have some not so nice thoughts about how my family has been treated in regards to a certain situation.  It involves one of my kids, so that makes it even more harder for me to swallow!  I'm reminding myself that our source is from God and never from man.   And it is a good thing for my children to learn also. 

AND I want to say, that having been disappointed by man, it's taught me to be encouraging and take part in other people's dreams.   I try to encourage, give, share and network for/with others so they aren't ever in the situation I've been in.  It's not all about money, I've been encouraged by friends who didn't have a penny in their pocket, but they encouraged me.  Sometimes emotional support is the best support someone can give!

I look back now on my family/church and I am actually grateful that they did not support me.  I saw God's hand and His provision in a way that I never would have if they'd been supportive.  It taught me to stand on my own two feet and be independent.  It certainly taught me not to let people stand in my way!   I learned a great work ethic.  But it was hard and it was lonely.  Personally I'd rather support someone than to let them go on their own (unless they were doing something sinful!) 

Another thing I've learned, is not to have the fear of man.  It doesn't bother me to think differently than others.  I certainly think different than a lot of folks in the world.  But I also think differently than some folks in the church world too LOL  I'm not afraid to have my own thoughts.  And I don't care what anyone thinks of me.  Now I hear people say stuff like that all the time and it's usually because they want to live with no rules and sin.  I don't mean it that way, I just mean, that I'm going to serve God and I'm not concerned about what you think of me.  It also means, I'm not going to give you authority over my life. 

( a totally side note here.....   Most of the time today I see people who want to live with no authority over them.  That is certainly the spirit of the world!  However occasionally in some circumstances people allow others to take authority over them in a way that is not good.  Believe it or not I'm very submissive in a work type situation.  I've always been a team player and basically did what I was told to do with only a small amount of grumbling.  However my boss was the rightful authority when it came to my job.  Therefore I was correct in submitting THAT area of my life to them.  But I didn't let any  bosses control my family life or my spiritual life.  So be CAREFUL who you allow to be in authority in your life and what areas!   I've been in situations (especially spiritual/ministry situations)where people tried to "take authority" over me and they were not qualified nor did they have the spiritual authority to do so. In cases like that RUN!!!!!!!  For the most part I got away from those type of situations and people.  Time certainly told on many of them and it showed the person for who he/she really was and it showed me I was right for distancing myself.  )

The bible says "the fear of man is a snare"  That is so true.  When we are afraid of people, it traps us.  I'm not going to let myself be trapped in any type of situation whether it's being afraid of losing friends because I stand for biblical truth or whether it is that I'd have to be fake to keep members in our church or kiss up to someone in authority to get  something......  I'm just not going to do any of that. 

I am the type of person who usually says the thing that other people are thinking but won't say.   I figure they need to be said LOL.  I don't know how to say things except in a straight forward way.  And that is the best way because then there is no misunderstanding or guessing about what was said!

But as I learned and am continuing to learn, GOD is our source of everything we need.  Look to Him and He will never ever disappoint you.  That is something I can promise you.  He is a faithful God.   He'll never do anything for selfish gain and He will never cast you aside or get tired of you & your problems. 


Happy Dance:)  One of my childhood friends Angie and her family was down in our area today and they came by to see us!  We ate lunch together and just had a good ole time talking about old and new times.    We met in junior high chorus and have stayed friends ever since.  We were remembering one of our dear friends, Robbie who passed away in his late teens.  He was a conservative trip back in the 80's, we tried to imagine what he'd think of the world today!!!   We had to laugh.....

Sarah had a blast with Hannah

Happy girl


I treasure friendships, especially the ones that knew me "back then" Fun times:)  

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  1. People have truly failed me especially people who are church going folks.....In fact, I have a little situation which is quite disappointing to me with a co-worker who goes to church. Anyway, my mom reminds me that I should look to God and not people. It's still hard for me to understand how people can be so selfish (e.g. those "rich" people in your church who would not contribute to your adoption). It is also a struggle for me when everyone seems to want money from me......It's a balancing act to know who to contribute to, etc. But, the good part is that when we look to God and what HE wants from us, that is what we need to do - not please man..........Thank you for posting your thoughts!