Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Go Set A Watchman" by Harper Lee

"To Kill A Mockingbird" has always been one of my all time favorite book.  I'm not even sure how old I was the first time I read it.  But I know I loved it from the first page. I have no idea how many times I've read it, but let's just say I have parts memorized!   The thing I liked so much about the book is that it was written by a person who knew her world.  I loved the way she describe her life as a child in the 1930's, in the deep South.  It was authentic.

So I always wondered about WHY didn't Harper Lee write another book (or two or thousands?)  Did she think the book was a fluke and she'd never do as good? 

Then I heard of the manuscript that was found   Woohoo!  A friend of mine and I could not wait till the book came out!

Of course I got it right away and began to read it.....

Long before I got to the controversial parts, I knew this book was not all written by Harper Lee.  It did not have her "feel" of things.  There are parts that she wrote but there are bridges that I truly believe she did not write. 

I had not read any reviews or anything about the book because I wanted to be surprised (and I was unfortunately)  So after I finished the book, I looked up it up on line and found my thoughts to be echoed by many. 

I am glad for the glimpses I have of more details of Harper Lee's writing. 

The thing that made it very unauthentic to me was the way she described the people of her home town.  It was like she'd been gone for decades, instead of only six years, with yearly visits home.  Scout knew her home and her folks.  To me it was written as if a Yankee was writing of the South in the 1950's, not a girl raised there. 

This manuscript was written in the 1950's  and set it the same time frame, but it seemed to be allude to social unrest that did not start until the 1960's.  That was probably the biggest clue to me that something was off.  You can't have the book written in the 1950's and put away and then allude to things that happened a decade later. 

Sadness..... at least there are parts of Harper Lee still there.....


So it's been raining for days and will continue till next week!  We have a small pond in our front and back yards.  The "Clanton Creek" is up and running too around the side of the property.   We can't get to our dumpster!  I love rain but we need one dry day!

Yesterday I braved the rain with Steve and Sarah.  Sarah HAD to have her hair fixed (somebody aka Mommy tried to "trim the bangs"......not good!)   Steve wanted to go "college shopping"  He got his entire bed stuff/towels etc. It's all blue and grey and it all matches (thanks Target)  I was laughing at him, I took an old quilt and old sheets to college!  Nothing coordinated LOL!   But he is going to have it all matching and masculine.  He recently talked to his roommate to be on the phone, he sounds like a nice guy.  Only three more weeks till he leaves....reality is hitting!!!!!!

Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  It goes by way too quick for me!

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