Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Time

We've stayed busy around here lately as usual. 

On Friday my long time friend and former college roommate Jan came over and helped me to hang all the bigger pictures.

Thrilled to get this picture up!  It's beautiful.  I love looking at it. 

My "one in a minion's" room






I put this on the porch by the front door :)
Our friend needs to start a business doing these signs they are so nice!


My happy girl's room






Some cuttings my friend gave me
One of my childhood friends Marsha who we just reconnected with a few months ago got this beautiful plaque for us!  It went perfectly with this frame and pictures.  We just loved it. 
Saturday I had a "play date" with my friend who had toiled on putting up our pictures!   We swam floated on rafts in her pool, went out to eat, and went to the mall.  At the mall, we had several very interesting experience.  The first one was at a store that sells all kinds of cool things.  My friend just had to go in it....well I thought I'd try the $4000 massage chair.  It had a feature that supposedly makes a person weightless/zero gravity.   So I sat in it and turned it on.  I hit the zero gravity button and the chair turned me up towards the ceiling while it clamped down on my legs.  I began looking around for my friend who was happily examining other things on the other side of the store.  Honestly I was beginning  to feel nauseated and felt like I had a bit of vertigo starting.  I have TERRIBLE motion sickness.  It's pathetic.   Anyhow I was trying not to cause a scene since I could not get myself out of the seat.  I FINALLY got her attention and she began to help by taking pictures!!!!!  The one store employee finally came over and he was laughing as hard as we were.  When I FINALLY got out of it I thought I'd wet my pants I was laughing so hard.    We left the store in tears!

Then she talked me into a massage.  We went to one of those places in the middle of the mall with chairs to sit in while getting a massage.  So we had two Chinese guys.  Well my guy got a little friendly and included a buttock massage.  For some reason I just started laughing!  Then he was leaning in on me...WAY too close.  At first I thought surely I was wrong....but then I figured out I was probably right!!!   When we finished the massage, I expected to get $$$ back LOL.  I almost asked him if it was good for him!

So you can just imagine how hard we laughed after I told her what had happened.  First I asked her what her massage included....let's just say I got a much more involved one than she did!!!!!

Some pictures of Jon and me after church on our favorite place- the front porch!


Then Sunday after church my childhood friend came over and brought me that beautiful plaque with our names on it. 

I just felt a lot of love from my friends (and from the Chinese guy at the mall) over the weekend!!!!  during the week I had gotten to spend time with another friend.   I treasure time with close friends because it's not always easy for me (or them) to get to spend time together. 

Today I had a lot of errands to run for us personally and for the church.  I was literally all over the county.  Then tonight the kids' band had a fund raiser...

the little girl's parents own the local Chinese restaurant and she just loved being out with us. 

We finally were a little worried about the clouds and rumbling thunder so we finished up early but it was fun. 
Tomorrow is another long day for me, lots of things to do.  I'm trying to get everything done that I can before Steve leaves for college in a little over three weeks.  We have a few little car repairs and some other things I've been putting off that needs to get done. 
Hope everyone is having a fun's sure going QUICK!

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  1. HAHAHA! A little "extra" with your massage! Your home is looking beautiful.