Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Time Out!

After more than a month of non stop activity, I've put myself in time out for the day. Last night I was so bone tired, that I was almost afraid something was seriously wrong with me.  So today I'm giving myself a break.  I've got things I need to do but I need one day to breath more than I need to do those chores.  And have you ever noticed how one chore turns into two or three chores? 

So today all I'm doing is changing diapers and doing eye drops.  Oh and feeding a few kids.  Otherwise, I'm relaxing. 

After I took my husband to work, I took a walk down our new street.  Just one house down, the road goes into the next county and becomes a dead end.  It was magical to walk down there early this morning, some horses walked along their fence line with me, there was no traffic sounds, just the birds singing.  That was relaxing for me.  For me, being out in the country, just relaxes me like nothing else.  How in the world did I ever live in NYC??????   I think I would die now if I had to live in a city. 

Well I was glad that my last blog post made the difference to Obama and he finally lowered the flag.   Now I know I'm being stalked by the government.  No seriously, after five days, it was about time.  I'm still shocked by this....

And what else I'm shocked about is the Planned Parenthood videos that are coming out proving that PP sells aborted baby parts and even does abortions so there is more tissue intact.  is the latest.

this is the first to come out last week

I can NOT believe how little I'm seeing about this on the news......

And what I find "funny" is my friends who are great animal lovers, are quiet for the most part about this.  I wonder  what if they (Planned Parenthood) were doing this to puppies?  We'd have people marching in the streets.  I wonder about some of my readers who were so worried about our dog being outside or me giving away a cat to become a barn cat to have some kittens are concerned about this with Planned Parenthood???? 

I've come to the conclusion that we live in a messed up world....maybe that's why I needed a Time Out!!!!!

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