Monday, July 27, 2015

Torez Ukraine

This afternoon I sat with Sarah and went on YouTube.  since Torez Ukraine is so close to my heart after our time there, I looked it up to see if there was anything new on the war and found some interesting videos. They are interesting to me because we were there....  This video shows the streets of Torez, towards the end, the building with the blue roof is our friend's church.  They had to flee under the threat of death last year.  It was so moving to look at places we've been....across the street to the right is the cemetery, we walked through there, it's huge! 

Then this has English subtitles and was filmed in downtown Torez.  At one point, you can see the statue of Lenin, we took many pictures in that square. this part of the interview was  shot in the park where we spent many days with Sam.  After Jon and I would go to the orphanage, we'd go walking with the boys all over Torez. 

Living was hard there, even before the war, I can't imagine how it is now for the people of Torez that remain. 

Over the years, I've traveled quite a bit, but no where else has become a part of me like Torez has.  There was nothing "lovely" about the town, nothing glamorous  or easy.   I didn't like the food, the water situation was sketchy, the bathrooms (expect for our apartment was rough) there was no Wifi, we couldn't watch tv because it was all in Russian.  the supermarkets didn't smell good.....but I loved the place.   The place just grabbed me and it's still in my heart.

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