Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What Is Worth Your Tears?

Seldom do I delete comments put on my blog.  I do moderate them but usually put them on because some are so stupid they just make me laugh.  Well today I deleted a comment and I really wish I had not done it!

The comment was regarding my dismay at how this president has not responded to the shooting of Five Servicemen in Chattanooga.   At first the person agreed with me by saying something along the line of "we are all wondering and watching" BUT then she said something equating the fact I gave a cat away to a farm so she could give them kittens to the killing of the servicemen.  I deleted it because it was so silly to even discuss the two things in the same sentence but then I regretted deleting it. (please forgive me for not quoting it correctly)

My regret was because it was a perfect example of the silliness I see in America right now.  We groan and cry over animals yet we aren't crying over Planned Parenthood aborting babies and selling their bodies for profit.  We cry about abandoned animals, but not abandoned starving children.  We pass laws to protect turtles but pass other laws so that babies can be killed up to the time they are viable.....

Our world is upside down.

It amazes me the people who worried about the one cat we gave away not spayed but those same folks aren't worried about orphans.  When I write on this blog about orphans, it gets strangely
 quiet....you can hear the protected crickets croaking....

Guess what folks HUMAN lives matter. 

We, as a nation should be concerned about our leader's lack of concern of five servicemen's deaths.  Those men took an oath that they would serve America and protect her with their lives.   They fulfilled their part.....we should show them the respect they deserve. 

Don't let yourselves become desensitized to human suffering and heartache.  It's fine to care about animals but animals are not humans. 

I know plenty of people who get worked up about dolphin or whale killings but could care less about orphans, the disabled or the poor.  That ain't right! 

I tell my kids when things happen in life that there are things to cry over and there are things not worth their tears.

Let's remember what is worth our tears......


  1. THANK YOU. I've been waiting for some sort of outrage from the public about Planned Parenthood selling off murdered babies body parts. Nothing at all. I assure you that if there was a Labrador or Poodle that was expecting and they cut pieces off of the puppies and sold them, there would be riots in the streets. Sorry to be graphic, but it's what happens to aborted babies. (and they CAN feel pain.) It drives me crazy. I LOVE animals. I feed stray cats every day. I have 5 of my own. (all spayed and or neutered). I have a huge dog. I used to raise poultry, I've had ducks and rabbits. Loved them and took care of them, but they were not human beings. People are walking around with blinders on, or else most have just become so immoral, that they're beyond hope... These are babies we're talking about AND our soldiers not getting respected. Wake up world.....Don't even get me started on my right to own guns......Grrrrrrrrrr..........(insert very mean, angry, frustrated face.)

  2. Hear, hear...I agree. I tend to think globally, and this is one needy globe! While I am thankful I live in America with the (supposed) freedoms we have, I also know that other countries, including the ones that are near and dear to your own heart, have dear people--young orphans and old frail folks including widows with no hope in view--who all need someone to be God's hands and feet to them. Thank you for putting those uncomfortable situations before our eyes, and reminding us about them often--and thank you for your encouragement to DO something ourselves, just as you have done for your littles.

  3. Thanks guys!
    I so believe in taking care of animals. I've had over 30 cats spayed/neutered in the last 10 years and several dogs. We even rescued some kittens when we were in Ukraine and found homes for them. I'm not against taking care of animals. We still have four strays that we can not catch at the church that I've been feeding for years. We go over if no one else is there to feed them even tho it's a pain. We'd hoped to capture them. One we caught once and got her fixed now she is wary of us! LOL

    BUT the point is do SOMETHING for humans, if you can't alleviate suffering by adopting or going to help in countries (or our country) then give and help someone else do it.

    Doing something for humans is messier...its a lot harder to adopt a child than a stray cat.... It's harder to go feed the homeless than to put out food for a stray dog. WHY? Because you have to deal with real live people.

    AND God knows if somebody was cutting up pre born puppies....the whole country would probably lynch them on the lawn of the White House! but yet the silence is deafening when it comes to pre born babies!!!!!!!

  4. Oh how my heart is breaking for all the precious babies that are being torn limb from limb and their body parts sold at market. How sick and deplorable we have become as a nation. I recently saw a video of shark and her baby that were washed up on the shore in SC. There were dozens of men gathered around trying desperately to get them back into deeper water. They were successful with the baby but sadly the mother died on the beach. Oh that men would gather to save our unborn babies in the same manner. Oh that the outcry would be as great over the aborted babies as over a dead lion in Kenya (?). I do think the murder of the lion, Cecil is despicable but how much greater is the death of 53 million aborted babies in the United States since Roe v. Wade was decided back in 1973. People are using abortion as a means of birth control. The time to use birth control is BEFORE conception, not after. The pill and condoms are readily available and if one can't afford that, there's always the option of keeping pants zipped or legs crossed. I am livid over abortion in general but so much more so since I learned that Planned Parenthood actively sells body parts. What a sick sick nation we have become.

    My heart for adoption is the same as yours Yvonne. We have three adopted children, the last was adopted at 2 years of age when I was 66 years old. God supplies all our needs, no matter our age, financial circumstances, etc. I would do it all again and may just adopt more if God directs.

    Thank you for always standing up for right, Yvonne. You are a jewel and you and yours are always in my prayers. God bless!

    1. Here is a quote I found a little bit ago that should hurt our toes as they are stepped on but also hurt our hearts to realize the sin we are committing.

      To sin by silence, when we should protest, Makes cowards out of men.---Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    2. I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that we live in a nation that uses abortion as its go to birth control method. And the arguments that contraceptives are not available to the poor is such a shallow argument – they even peddle contraceptives to school children. My head hurts just thinking of the unborn kids being butchered alive for someone’s convenience. My heart breaks when thinking about all the pain and suffering around the world. I have been contemplating the last week how I can make an impact, but I sometimes feel so defeated. I have been following along a group on a medical mission trip to Nakuru, Kenya and some of the stories are just heartbreaking. An eight year old child walking alone for miles to seek medical care – I cannot imagine my 11 year old going to see the doctor by himself. Or a nurse counseling a patient to take her medicine with food, yet the patient has not eaten in several days and does not know where the next meal will come from. Or a mother whose husband was murdered along with her 5 children and she is diabetic and cannot afford insulin and though she is of very strong faith, right now, God seems so far away.