Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Bit Of A Scare!

We  a bit of a scare on Tuesday.  Shad had been complaining  a little of stomach pain since he got home.  Then he had a sharp pain and said it hurt to pee.  Well after just having such a horrible kidney/bladder infection myself, I took him to our Urgent Care thinking it would be a quick in and out since we were having Steve's going away party that night......   Well I should know better by now!  The doctor did a quick test that was negative and then examined Shad.  He turned to me and said that he thought it was Shad's appendix!  I was shocked speechless!  That doesn't happen too often. 

So we were told to go to a Hospital.  I wasn't sure which one to go to so I called our pediatrician and he told us to go to Tampa General as it was really good for things like this.   Jon came home and we hustled to get there.  Luckily it was a slow day and he was seen almost as soon as we got there.  They did an ultrasound rather than a CAT scan to begin with to see what was going on.  He had no markers for appendicitis BUT he had a belly full of poop!  So we got to go home with laxities.  Let's just say he didn't get much sleep that night as the meds worked well.  He is fine now and we are so grateful that that was all it was that we just laughed about it!  WHEW!!!!

Later I was telling a friend about my reaction when the doctor told me that he thought it was Shad's appendix.  The way I've dealt with scary situations is to get really quiet and have no reaction till it is all over THEN I fall to pieces if there is a reason to.  That's how I was when I was told about Sam, and when the accident happened, when my aunt who raised me died..... I have my reaction hours or days later.  After the accident, I had ran to the scene and there are pictures/videos of me just standing there, stone face and white as a ghost.  It was hours before I fell apart but when I did, it was rather spectacular!  I tend to throw up and pass out....but after everyone else calms down.   I felt like fainting when the doctor told me about Shad.  But I managed to take some deep breathes.  The thing with the little kids, it's not so upsetting to them if you get all upset but of course it would be to Shad.  But Shad is so strong and wasn't at all freaked out. 

Anyhow we all got through it and everything's ok!

Steve's party got rescheduled:) 

We've been busy around here getting ready for college and the start of the school year next week for everyone else.  It's good that everything is changing all at once and we'll be busy.

Hope you are having a less eventful week than we did!!!!!

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  1. Glad it turned out okay.

    Praying for you as you approach another anniversary.

    Best wishes to Steve. What a terrific "kid!"