Monday, August 31, 2015


Life 2 Orphans is an organization that is near to my heart.  They help the orphans in Ukraine who are "left behind" the ones who have not yet found homes.  Both of my girls had Individual Caregivers.  For Selah it meant, she actually learned to walk a little when she was 7 years old.   Her caregiver had a real love for her.  Here is a picture with us and Selah's caregiver.  She was loved by all the children, I'd see kids come up to her and she'd always have a hug and a real smile for them. 

Life 2 Orphans is seeking to raise money so they can help finance more Individual Caregivers for more kids!
The children that were in the orphanage in Torez with my girls have been evacuated.  Many of them went to an orphanage in Druz, where we helped build a well for them to have clean water.  Life 2 Orphans is involved in so many different ways in which YOU can be a part of....
There's a little girl named Lauren/Lyuda that was in the same orphanage as my girls.  We spent alot of time with her.  I'm not sure of her full diagnosis but she couldn't walk, she seemed to have some leg deformity.   She wants a family so bad!  She attached herself to us every chance she got and it was hard for me emotionally but I gave her all I could give her for the time we were there. 
here she is participating in the Easter play in the white outfit, Selah is checking her out. 
Lauren needs a family but she also needs an individual care giver to help her. 
If you could commit just $40 a month, it would pay for a woman from the community to come in and work with Lauren.  It would help both Lauren and the woman.  L2O is about helping the communities when possible. 
here's a link that will explain how you can give in various ways!
Thank you!!!!!
BTW my husband and I support a girl in the same orphanage that Lauren is in now.  Our girl, Angela, has learned to stand!  I love getting the reports on her and seeing the changes!!!

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