Monday, August 3, 2015


This is day 20 of rain for our area.  We live about a mile from the Hillsborough River and 1.5 miles from Crystal Springs, that feeds into the river.  Thanks to Angelo's Recycling, who brought in truckloads of sand,  our house itself is high up but our roads are getting really bad!

Yesterday our road was under water in an area.  I am beyond traumatized about water so I stayed home with the kids from church.  That was a first!   Since we live in an area that is plagued with sinkholes, I was not driving through any water that I could not see the road under it!  It's one thing to get myself out of a vehicle, it's another to get the kids out of their car seats and out safely!  We've bought the sticks that will break the car windows from the inside in case of something like that happening. 

Well today it's worse!  Our nurse could barely drive her small car in this morning.  since rain is expected for 3 more days....I called Emergency Management.  We were actually thinking we might need to take Selah to a hotel to be safe.  EM was very helpful.  Originally I had called them per our nursing agency when we came home with Selah.  Basically they told us they had no place for our family due to all the needs.  So they told us to be prepared to hunker down.  With our new house, that is what we prepared for. BUT the nurses can't get in and out, especially the ones with smaller cars.   So the EM guy suggested that the nurses park at our local fire station and they can be shuttled back & to if they need to be. 

I love rain but....this is too much!

Forecast for today

this is our side yard, as you can see the water from the gully is over taking it
the picture below is our neighbor's yard, you can see it's coming in our yard.  
the neighbor's yard is underwater

This is across the street, there is almost always water here, but as you can see from the next picture, it is overflowing out to the road.  

the water is very swampy

More of the neighbor's yard, there is also usually water in it too

You can see our house on the left, the water is closer!!

we can't get to the dumpster

this was earlier this morning....


 We aren't really worried about water getting into the house but more about not being able to leave the house, or get back to it if we leave!   Even the ground that looks dry, isn't.  Where the sod/grass is, the water is there, maybe like a 1/4 og an inch.  You can't walk on it without sinking into the water. 
Right this second, it's not raining here but we are expecting more rain soon by the looks of the radar. 
This is interesting, usually we deal with hurricanes in Florida, where there is a tremendous amount of rain in a short amount of time.   Then the sun comes up and dries it all out.  This has been 20 days of rain for us, it's different.
These pictures are from yesterday.  Sarah has on what I call her Ukraine shirt. 
She absolutely hates having her picture taken (that's her other stubborn thing!)  HOW does she know I'm taking a picture?  Seconds before she was giggling until I was ready to take a picture!  Then she got all serious.

Almost a smile in this one!

Well I hope you are safe and dry wherever in the world you are :)  We're trying here!!!!

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  1. It frustrates me that here in California we have a major drought and many fires and in other parts of the county there is too much rain. I hope you dry out and that we get a sprinkle or two.