Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Abortion from a 12 year old's perspective

Last night our son Shad off handedly asked us what was an abortion as we were cleaning up after supper.  I gulped....so did Jon, we were quiet for a minute.  How do you explain to your child about the killing of other children?  We weren't discussing abortion.  The news wasn't on.  It was an earth shaking question.  When we explained to him....his face actually blanched.  There was a look of disbelief & horror on it.  I truly don't think I've ever seen that look on his normally very happy face.  He asked why didn't the police stop it!  And we had to explain that it is legal in America.  Our 12 year old son was horrified and shocked....yet we adults allow this to continue.

Today Planned Parenthood's director  Cecile Richards had to tell the truth under oath on Capital Hill.  Here is a recap of it, written by Matt Walsh.

Big news happened today. Planned Parenthood testified on Capitol Hill.
Fittingly for an organization that murders 300 thousand children a year, it was a bloodbath. Planned Parenthood lies about literally everything, nothing they say about anything can ever be believed or taken seriously, and every point and every statement they make is either an obvious untruth or a really obvious untruth. You can only imagine, then, what happens when these people are forced to give honest answers under oath. It's like opening an overflowing garbage can after it's been sitting out in the hot sun for a week. Only, in this case the garbage can is filled with the dismembered remains of murdered infants.
The stench of death and lies seeps out of every Planned Parenthood clinic, so when forced for the first time in their history to actually admit to a few basic facts, the results were devastating. Or they should be devastating and they would be if we lived in a culture that possessed even the faintest affection for the truth.
It started badly for Cecile Richards and company when a forensic analysis earlier in the day determined that the undercover Planned Parenthood videos were not manipulated or deceptively edited at all. Even the shills Planned Parenthood hired to investigate the videos last month concluded that there was no "widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation." We've now had two forensics investigation, one paid for by Planned Parenthood, that have both confirmed the authenticity of the videos. Still, Cecil Richards breathlessly repeats the claim that the videos were "doctored" despite two separate investigations -- including her own -- explicitly stating otherwise.

As I said, these people lie about everything. This is the level of dishonesty we're dealing with. Total. Complete. Pathological. They could stare at a brick wall two feet from their faces and tell you it isn't there (of course, I would then insist they run into it headfirst to prove their point). As noted late term abortionist Adolf Hitler once said, if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. Planned Parenthood tells the same lies every day, all day, unrelentingly, and the dupes in this choose to country believe it.
Cecile Richards' testimony was disastrous. She was forced to sit quietly as Rep. Chaffetz outlined how Planned Parenthood -- a "non-profit" -- spends millions of dollars on lavish parties, banquets, travel, and exorbitant salaries. The head of the nation's largest abortion provider then reported that her position at this humble little charitable child killing outfit pays her over half a million dollars a year. Next, after repeatedly claiming on the record that Planned Parenthood performs mammograms, she had to admit precisely none of her 600+ clinics conduct the procedure. To be clear: this is a lie she told, a lie her supporters repeated ad nauseum, and a lie she just admitted was a lie under oath. This is a woman with no shame, but I suppose you could expect nothing less from a person who pays activists to throw condoms at presidential candidates (another worthy venture for taxpayers to fund).

Things only got worse for Baby Killers R Us from there. When asked if a child born after a failed abortion would be provided care, she said she'd "never heard of that circumstance happening." It was a fascinating statement considering abortion survivors just testified in front of this very same committee. I guess denying the existence of people who were just in the room was, in her estimation, a better strategy than admitting they'd let the child die right in front of them, as Planned Parenthood officials have testified in the past.
Later, Richards had to confirm that Planned Parenthood raked in 127 million dollars "in excess of revenue" last year, while dramatically reducing the number of "additional services" it provides. Now, I'm no economist, but I'm pretty sure "excess" revenue is the same as profit. So today we learned -- although some of us have known it for years -- that the "non-profit" tax funded Planned Parenthood actually earns over 100 million dollars of profit. Only in the nightmarish fantasy land of pro-abortion propaganda could 127 million dollars in profit equal no dollars in profit. I wonder, precisely at what point does profit become profit? Could Apple call itself non-profit by this logic? Is Microsoft a charity? Is McDonald's really nothing but a philanthropic endeavor? If a company can make nine figures in profit and still be non-profit, haven't we effectively destroyed the meaning of the term?

But the most significant moment came early on when Cecile Richards again confessed to being a dirty rotten liar, admitting that abortion does not account for "3 percent of their business," as she and her minions have repeatedly claimed, but in fact abortion is a full 86 percent of their non-tax funded revenue. As some of us have been saying for years, abortion is almost their entire business. Everything else is a smokescreen. A front. It's like a store that sells old VHS Disney tapes in the front and hardcore porn behind a door in the back. Everyone knows it's really a porn shop. Just like everyone knows Planned Parenthood is an abortion warehouse and nothing more.
Of course, none of this matters much. Planned Parenthood supporters have largely sold their souls and their brains. If you're willing to defend an organization that kills over a quarter of a million human beings every year, I wouldn't expect you to be too concerned about stupid, pesky little things like honesty and truth.
Regardless, we should all take notice of the fact that the entire Planned Parenthood narrative just crumbled and fell apart on live TV this afternoon.
Some might consider this a notable development

So if you are interested in watching it and confirming for yourself what the director of Planned Parenthood said, please feel free to do so.  I watched some of it, it made me sick.  I've watched all the videos that have come out about Planned Parenthood and it was almost more than I could handle.  I watched them like I watch documentaries on the Holocaust, I do it to honor those who died, even though it leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach. 

How can people allow this?  I guess a 12 year old has it right.....


  1. Speechless! I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around what Shad must be feeling/thinking knowing that grown ups willingly kill unborn babies. And all because they consider the babies either an inconvenience if conceived at an inopportune time or they don't consider the babies to have enough worth and value if a doctor suspects the baby might have a genetic condition.

  2. I am certainly not pro-abortion... but neither can I be completely against it- in all circumstances. I am not a supporter of Planned Parenthood. At Shad's age I would have been shocked and appalled by the thought of abortion... but I would have also been shocked and appalled at the idea of rape, of the sexual assault of a child that leads to a pregnancy, for example. In circumstances so awful as those, I find it difficult to say I am completely against abortion. I hope that in the same way as Shad was unaware of abortion, that he is unaware of the circumstances that can occur that makes, for me at least, the black line slightly fuzzy. I admit that such circumstances as these are a minority of cases, but I don't think one can ignore them and can say that in every case (such as in the comment- "and all because") the one who is having an abortion is the one that is evil. I think when Shad is older and can have all the facts in front of him, that he can make his own mind up as to where the black line should be drawn, but until he has all the facts, I don't think you can use a 12 year old to decide what is right and wrong. If you ask him whether murder is wrong, I should imagine he would say yes. If you ask him whether his own parents would kill, I would imagine he would be horrified at the thought... but you have posted previously about having no qualms about the measures you would take to defend your family against an intruder. He would have given the "Christian" answer, but would be lacking some facts that even for yourself mean the 10 commandments can be "bent a little".

    I have followed your blog since Selah's accident and think you are an amazing family. I am inspired by you and I pray for you. We differ in our opinions on some matters- I live in Europe and here we're a much less keen on firearms than many in the US. Occasionally therefore, your posts bother me a little, therefore and finally I feel the need to reply to one. Please don't take offence...

  3. True Shad doesn't understand about rape yet. We generally wait toill the kids ask questions before we explain some things. Although we've talked to him about sexual abuse & been clear about what that is so hopefully he'll never be a victim. Not sure he realizes that that could cause a pregnancy in a girl.

    But he does understand that some people abort children with special needs. Somehow in the conversation he brought that up.

    Most abortions are not because of rape or the mothers life being at risk & we all know that. That's the sad part

    Everyone I know that has shared with me about their abortions had them when they were broken & hurting. And they are still hurting over them.

    As far as killing to protect my family- if you take the whole bible in context I feel that is justifiable. I think the bible teaches us that life is precious from conception till natural death. If I ever had to kill someone to protect my family id do it but I can't imagine not being affected by it

    we had one time I th someone was trying to break in the house. It was some years ago & late. Jon was at work still so we were watching TV Someone pounded on our door & wouldn't answer me. I quickly got the kids to a back room , loaded a gun & stood near the door. I also called 911. It turned out to be a guy dropping off some video series for Jon to use in a class but he was trying to play around with me. Obviously I didn't think it was funny neither did he when I came to the door with the gun. But that incident did show me how I would handle a real problem. And it showed me I had no problems with being ready to defend my familt

  4. Thanks for following our story & sharing your view:)