Monday, September 14, 2015

Library Memories

Well it's been a busy week around here, I know, that's nothing new.  Monday- Thursday are so busy but usually Friday is my free day!  This past week, my close friend took me out to eat for my upcoming birthday and I went to the LIBRARY!

I love libraries, I always have since I was a little girl.  The picture below is the OLD Perry Library.  It originally was the county jail and back years ago, people were hung upstairs.  The librarian, Mrs Parker loved me and let my little gory self go upstairs in the back and see where the executions were done.  I spent many a day at that library, luckily not all of it in the execution room!  I'd pick out all kinds of interesting books to read, but a few times the librarian would put one back.  Hahaha!  I'd love to see what she put back.  Since I started reading at about three, I was reading adult books by the time I was in school. 

Frankly I do not believe in censorship of books.  I've never censored any book that one of my boys have read.  Now if it had been a PICTURE book of nude woman, I'd probably censor that! (Most of the time, I'm trying to get them to read!!!!)  My family as strict as they were in some things, did not censor my books.  Books are ideas that will open your mind and make a person think about what they really believe and think.  I seldom read "Christian" books.  I can't stand any Christian novels I've read except a couple.    I do like Christian autobiographies and biographies.  Most of best selling theology books are not worth my money or time, in my opinion.  Anyhow......
This is the  old library.
Around 1975 or so we had a new library built in Perry.  I was there when they broke ground!  I got a shovel and everything.  Then of course I was there at the dedication.  The newspaper called me "the littlest librarian" LOL  I'm pictured below with Mrs Parker the head librarian.  Yes the dress was originally a "flower girl's dress" in some wedding I was in.  I've been in so many weddings, and in so many hideous dresses,  no wonder I eloped.  My aunt made this dress for me. I think for a wedding at our church. 
When I was in college, I worked so much and was busy with schoolwork all the time.  The only book I remember reading for "pleasure" was 'The Act of Marriage'.  It was a "Christian" sex book.  My friends and I didn't have the nerve to check it out.  Not us, our good names would not be on that book's record!  So we'd get it and take it to the back of the library and read it together!  Oh my gosh it makes me laugh just to think of it!  I will not confess anyone's sin for them....but there are three other girls who were in that group! 
During college I worked in the library.  I started my freshman year.  We were originally in the "old library" over the cafeteria.  Then we moved to the "new library" that still houses the books at SEU.  I helped with that move, it was a BIG job!  The head librarian there, Brother Crammar and his wife became like family to me.  He actually "gave me away" when Jon and I had a ceremony for his family.  He and his wife were very quiet people.  He was a true librarian.  We went to his funeral, it was very quiet except for me.  I bawled and sniffed the whole time.  Jon kept handing me Kleenex.   The family and everyone else was dead quiet (excuse the pun)  When we got into the car to follow the hearse to the graveside, Jon turned to me and said "You do know you were the chief mourner don't you?"  But I loved him!    I regress but have to tell the story of when I went to a funeral with a co-worker.  I did not know the elderly lady, my friend did and hated to miss her funeral.  We were on our way to a meeting so I agreed to stop in for it, assuming it would be a short funeral.  It was short.  My co-worker got very worried when he looked over and I was bawling my eyes out.  Tears were running down my face.  He hustled me out as soon as it was possible, I'm sure hoping someone thought I was a long lost grandniece or something!!!  We get back to the car and he asked me "WHY are you crying?"  I didn't even know this elderly lady.  It was not a particularly sad funeral at all.  It was a very straight forward Catholic funeral.   Sometimes I cry at funerals, copious tears....  Jon says I could have been a mourner back in the day when mourners were paid to cry and wail at funerals.   Sometimes it doesn't bother me as much.  We had this amazing elderly woman in our church, she was just  everything you'd want in an older woman, with so much energy.  All of a sudden, she got sick and no one could figure out what was wrong and then she passed very quickly.  For some reason, I did not cry at her funeral.  It was such a happy fun funeral.  She was such a happy fun person and all we could think of was how happy she was in heaven.  Her heart was so settled, she'd told us just days before how at peace she was....and she really really was at peace. mind wandered there for a minute.  See what happens when I take a week off.......Ok let me get back to my blog on libraries.........

Where ever we've lived, one of the first things I've done is to find the library and get a card.  When we traveled in ministry, we often stayed at housing that was for missionaries. We would plan our speaking engagements around the housing.  So at one point, we stayed in Hounea Path, South Carolina for three months.  I found the little library and a cat there.  Another time we stayed in Falling Waters, West Virginia  for a few months at our church's campground (in a cabin), I found the library.  Once we moved to Brooklyn New York, I was in heaven!  We had a local library just a couple of blocks away.  But the BIG Brooklyn Library was just a few miles away, off of Prospect Park. 
Wow that picture brings back memories!!!   Then when we moved to NJ for awhile (I'm sorry I do not like NJ!)  I found the little library in Stanhope NJ to spend time in.  It was the one thing that kept me sane while we lived in that god forsaken village of ice.....
Then back to Florida and back to the libraries I know most....  Since living in our small town for 10 years, I have three small libraries to chose from.  One downtown (the worst one even tho it's new), one on the outskirts of town and one in another small town close by.  I was so excited when our town was getting a new library....I shouldn't have been.  Same old books, same grumpy ladies, just a cleaner place.  I've never called a mayor before, but after I visited it for the first time, I called our mayor/city manager to complain.  My feeling was that so much was spent on the building, but the floor space was probably the same size or smaller for books.  There were very few new books, and it seemed a lot less of the old one made the move.  There is plenty of room for computers and that bugs me!  Although out of fairness I will share that we have used the study rooms there for Sam's "GemIIni" program during the move and while we were waiting for WiFi so he would stay caught up on his speech/word recognition program. 
I'm all about books.  I don't want a Kindle or anything like that, I like a book, something I can hold in my hand.  I'm totally old fashioned when it comes to that!
Jon is a reader too.  When we first got married, we were at my grandma's both of us sitting on the couch, READING!  She rolled her eyes and said "Thank God he likes to read too", as if I'd marry someone who didn't love to read.  I do have friends who don't read, I just don't understand them!  HOW can someone not want to read???
Confession time I stayed up till 2 am reading last night although I knew I had to be up early this morning.   Last night I read  Rhoda Janzen  books, 'Mennonite  in a Black Dress' and 'Does This Church Make Me Look Fat'  I was roaring with laughter in some parts! 
We have tons of books.  Before our move, I made him get rid of boxes full and I did the same.  I kept ALL of my Agatha Christie books and some others that I just treasure so much.  One book that I found at a thrift store years ago. is called 'Papa Was A Preacher'  by Alyene Porter.  To this day I can not read that book without laughing out loud.  It's threadbare, but beloved. 
So I encourage you to read, go to your libraries, take your kids.......  find books in thrift stores.  go to bookstores.....  Love books!

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  1. Your moving library comment made me think about a few years ago when my town got a new library...they packed up most the books and had them brought over, but they left some and lined up people across town (and it was a pretty long distance!) and passed the books from person to person until they made it. Super cool. I didn't make it, but the pictures alone were awesome.

    Have you ever read Jeannette Walls "The Glass Castle"? I think you'd enjoy it.