Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shrimp Salad & Potty Training

I thought I'd share some of our favorite easy recipes. This is one of the first ones.   Recipes that are long and involved are not for me.  One of the ladies I used to work with brought in this Shrimp Salad one day to an office luncheon and I was HOOKED!  I've modified it a little to make it a tiny bit more healthy, but it is easy, fast and good!

I start with a bag of peeled and cooked shrimp, so much quicker. Just defrost them in the fridge.  These can be used for anything that calls for shrimp if you don't want to take the to peel and cook them. 
I try to use pasta that is either, whole wheat or like the one below with a veggie serving in it. 
I usually make my own ranch dressing but didn't yesterday.
Then see the little white round thingy?  It is a veggie cutter.  I absolutely adore cucumbers, but they have to be sliced paper thin and this little gadget from Pampered Chef does the job. 

So all you do is boil and drain the pasta
(I usually pour it over the shrimp in the sink in a drainer)
Then add the cucumbers, and ranch dressing.  I top it off with pepper
It's so good! 

This is one of mine and Jon's favorites.  Sam is the only kid that really likes it and this is one meal that can't be pureed! YUCK! 
8 oz of cooked shrimp
box of pasta
jar of ranch dressing
that's all you need!


Look what we got in the mail!  Pull-ups!  We are trying the different brands out to see which ones fit Sam the best then we will order them!  Right now I'm leaning towards the Sleep ones.  He is too big for Pull ups or diapers from a regular store, but only a little bit too big, so it's hard to find the things that will fit him best. 
I am planning to start working on potty training him in October once we are back from our yearly NY doctor visit.  Potty training was the absolute worse part of parenting Steve and Shad.  I'm not looking forward to this at all but the one big difference is Sam is so schedule oriented, that I think he will actually catch on, maybe even sooner than the other boys.  We will see.  I'd love to see him out of diapers!!!!

So we are planning on taking Sam and Sarah to NY in September for their eye exams.  There is some concern about Sam's eye pressure, I get very worried about it if I let myself think too much.  Our local eye specialist is concerned about it but she is not used to dealing with a child with implants.  I'm dreading the long trip, Selah will stay here with her nurses, Steve will be in college.  Shad is probably coming with us. he said he doesn't want to stay with anyone. 
Obviously this trip makes me very anxious on several levels.  Being away from two of my kids makes me more anxious.  I'll dread it until it's done and we are back home!


  1. Oh I can't wait to hear about the potty training. What an adventure. What about Sara also, would you be able to try her with Sam. I was inking it might be easier with both at the same time and maybe they would be encouraged by each other. Then again, I'm sure it would be a lot of work with both. My daughter had to wear pull ups to bed for a while and I thought they came in nighttime size 5 or 6t. Was thinking Sam was that size...maybe check the, out if he is that size cuz would be cheaper. They were buggies pretty sure. Good luck with your newest adventure.

    1. Unfortunately Sarah doesn't seem to acknowledge when she is wet or messy YET. Sam really doesn't like having a dirty or wet diaper and we've sat him on the toilet some and he has actually gone to the bathroom. He's too big for the biggest pull ups in the stores. I had a some that were given to me but they are too tight to pull up on him! Wish me luck! I have high hopes :)