Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Ok I survived turning 50 years old!
Steve came home for the weekend and we had a great time.  On Saturday he took Shad to a movie and I went and spent some a gift card at the bookstore!  I found another author I really like Victoria Thompson. 
It's so nice to have Steve close enough to come home some's just sad to take him back to college on Sunday afternoons!!!  There's always a little hollowness in my stomach when I drop him off.  It's funny I drop him off in the parking lot of the building I lived in 30 years ago this year.  NOW that is ironic to me.  It's one of the few places that has not changed one iota at the college, it's still cramped and hard to get in and out.  On our way out, I was thinking how I used to park my old brown Comet there in that same parking's just funny/sad to me....

While I was dropping Steve off, Jon took Sarah into Urgent Care.  It seems like she's had too many really wet diapers lately and has been cranky.  She's also had some unusual bruising on her legs.   I was worried about a UTI/Kidney infection and/or anemia.  She did so good to go pee-pee in the little "bonnet" they gave her.  Jon got really stressed about it, but she performed perfectly:)  The blood work....they couldn't do it.  We had to take her back Monday and it took 4 people to hold her down.  Everything came out completely normal.  We are assuming the little round bruises are just from her being active and our floor is not carpeted so it's easier for her to bruise herself .  They just were small and bothered me (I've read too many Care Bridge stories)  I'm thankful she is no where near anemic:)   The doctor (after seeing her in action) just thinks she bumps things, and just keeps right on going. 

Speaking on her just she got herself to the table AND got in a chair by herself!  I turned around and was shocked!!!!   If I hadn't been here alone with the kids, I would have assumed someone helped her but she did it by herself and was quite proud!
This is not the best picture but she was ready to eat!  I'm so proud of her!!!!  She is figuring things out.  The other morning she was halfway down the hall, scooting on her bottom looking for me.  She startled me then too! Exploring is hard for a little blind girl, but I'm so glad she is starting to do it here.  At first she hardly left the couch without one of us carrying her.
We've also been having her "walk" with us holding her hands/arms.  She is doing much better and it works for in the house.  That helps so I don't have to carry her as much.  We've been working with her so much that it's becoming a lot easier for her and for us too.  It seems like that is easier for everyone rather than using a walker inside. 
She is sleeping with me about every other night.  I take her in Steve's room (yeah for a free room) and sleep with her.  We've never been "co-sleepers" with any kid- me and Jon like our sleep way too much for that because you know Kids are not the nicest bedmates!!!  But we've also tried to meet the kids' needs at various times in their lives.  Sarah is a little bit on the roll of sleeping with me.  But when she takes my hand and holds it, it just melts my heart.  We always start her out in her bed and some nights she does fine.  There are times when she wets herself and by the time I have her changed, she is awake enough to know she wants Mama.  It's really not been too hard, I think she's had a lot of changes with the move, the new bed, the floor not having carpet on it (that's a biggie for her- a year ago we stayed at a cabin that had wood floors and she would NOT get on them)  so I hope this will get her over her little hump in the road.   At least I hope that in 20 years I don't have to sleep with her every night!!!!!
OH BTW...the recipe for Italian Pie- I had some mix left over so I cooked it for lunch on Saturday.  I had bought some crescent dough ( reduced fat but still way too many chemicals) It tasted sooooooo good in the crescent rolls that even Steve liked it despite it having spinach in it.   So you can try that if you want to.  It's not as healthy.
Well I'll try and post some more recipes tomorrow.  I had a reader send some really good sounding ones that I need to try, since my people want three hot meals a day. 

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