Saturday, November 28, 2015


Sorry I've been so quiet.  I've had some big things going on and I wasn't quite ready to share about it. 

Early last week I had a mammogram.  It was just a regular exam, I had no real concern about it.  I was more concerned about the colonoscopy that I was having on Friday.   Well right before I went in for the colonoscopy I picked up the results from the mammogram..... they found three masses.  So I was doing my best to hold it together for the other procedure.  I got through that, everything was fine....for the most part.  Still some things that are inconclusive but nothing major. 

After reading and rereading the results and looking it up on line, I was pretty confident that it was nothing major.....probably just dense tissue since I'm 50 now.  So I had an ultrasound done the day before Thanksgiving....  I knew when the tech asked me to step to another room to talk to the doctor, that there was a problem. 

I was put in a room with two other ladies who had already spoke with the doctor and were in shock.  We just all were looking at each other like we could not believe we were there the day before Thanksgiving......

When they called me in, I have to admit my legs were shaking a little bit when I stood up!  The doctor told me that I have an Intraductal Papilloma tumor.  It is usually benign & she is 95% sure that this one is.  However it's in the same family as colon polyps & can become malignant in time. 

Monday I have an appointment with my doctor and my plan is to have it removed ASAP!  I don't care if it is benign, I want it OUT!  This is not something I want to have remaining in my body.  So I'm hoping he will send me to a very aggressive surgeon and we will get this done.  If it is malignant, which I doubt it is, I'm planning on having the whole breast removed.  The small tumor is far from the chest wall, so that makes me feel better.

So it's been an unreal week- I feel a bit detached but I'm ok.  It feels like I'm gearing up to deal with this.

I just want to encourage you do NOT put off procedures!  I did not realize it but it had been almost 2 years since my last mammogram!  This tumor is so little, that even knowing right where it is, I can not find it. I would have had no reason to go in, if I hadn't realized I was behind on the schedule.   Don't take any chances with your health.   Actually after I got that news, I had another appointment to have a pelvic ultrasound done.  Everything is fine.  My doctors are just trying to rule out everything because of the pain I've been having.  But Wednesday was not a fun day for me. 

Honestly I feel like everything will be fine.  The doctor was reassuring and everything I read was reassuring too.  Still thoughts go through my mind like what if the doctor is wrong and it is something more serious?  So please keep me in your prayers!!!!

We are never early for church anymore since we live a distance away but we somehow made it last week so we had times for some pictures. 
Sarah and Sam last Sunday.  Sarah doesn't like to sit by Sam, he likes to pinch her

Daddy and Selah

 yes he loves me

Princess Sarah

Where's Sam???

 Shad and his 'kittens"
 Pictures from my walk near our house.

Our only Thanksgiving picture!
Jon gutting the turkey!  LOL- that is something I can not do!

 a few weeks ago we had "dinner on the grounds" and we dressed causal.  Sarah and I did our Ukraine shirts.
Sarah can sit and swing herself on a regular swing now. 

 Sam can too, he's just chilling with his big cup of water:)

Well hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving we did with our family here.  Steve has been home all week from college and I love that!   Two more weeks and he's home for Christmas break for a month!!!!!  It's great to have all my babies under our roof!!!!


  1. I wondered where you were. I'm glad you updated us, I'll keep you in my prayers.

  2. Praying for you Yvonne. So thankful that God is in control and that you know it as well. Still....the waiting is so hard. May you feel his comforting peace surround you. (((HUGS)))