Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year!

This new year didn't come with any big resolutions for me......I just want to get through the next month or so!  To be honest, Jon and I couldn't even stay up to welcome the new year in.  Our boys thought we were total wimps but we'd been watching a nice dry WWII documentary and the narrator was an Englishman, it was better than any sleeping pill. 

Having our boy home from college has been so helpful.  I've gotten some time with my girlfriends, Jon and I got to go out with some close friends and I've gotten a lot of work done around the house.  We STILL had stuff in the church's storage sheds so thanks to Steve, we got all that to our new house.  It was all plastic boxes of memories..... 

THEN I sat out in the garage and went through each box.  I found that even though I'm so NOT a hoarder, I had some junk stuck in there so I got 20 boxes down to about 10.  I also found so many little outfits of the children's so I washed all of them and put them in my empty hope chest.  I had Steve and Sam's "coming home from the hospital" outfits.  Both of the boys wore preemie outfits home.  It's really hard to believe looking at Steve now!  I had the outfit that the orphanage on Shad when they handed him over to me....all FIVE layers!  I thought I had a fat little Chinese baby until I went to change him!!!   I have the beautiful matching dresses that I was able to change Selah and Sarah into before we walked out of the orphanage with them.  Just writing about those little pieces of cloths make tears well up in my eyes.  What great memories. 

I also found some awfully embarrassing teen age stuff LOL- one of my BFF told me I HAD to keep it so she could see all the pictures and notes!  I was laughing so hard at my teen aged self!  Then I found some articles I'd written for our college newspaper including a long one about a trip to Chicago over Christmas in 1986.  We did a mission trip to the inner city.  I have to admit I cleaned up the real story quite a bit!  It was a hard trip, we stayed in a tenement building and it was so cold.  The apartment had NO water pressure and very little hot water.  But it's a great memory....to look back on! 

I'm in the far right.  Funny thing, on the bottom picture that was about a sock hop- my roommate was in that picture in the striped sweater! 

Then I found the picture we had made for our "official picture" when we were missionaries to NYC

Who were those babies???????????  And WHY hasn't perms come back in style?????

Anyhow I'm happy I've been trying to get that one job done for about a year LOL!!!!  I got to see all our memories and clean out all the roach droppings!  Fun times!

We've had some wonderful weather down here in Sunny Florida.  Some folks complained about it but it's been great, even now although it's colder, it's still great.  I love Florida- I could be a PR person for Florida.  We've gotten a lot of time outside with the kids. 


Some pictures from Sunday

I'll be honest I usually dress my kiddos up for church.  I think it teaches them that Sunday is a day set apart- not for legalistic reasons.  But this past week, I was just not ironing anything!!!!!
 Shad and Sam are just 4 months apart in age, Shad has already turned 12 and Sam will next month.  Shad is NOT a giant, he's average size for an Asian but on the small size on the "American" scale.  Sam is the size of a 4 or 5 year old.  He is a bit rounder, so I have to buy size 8 and hem everything.  I'm so glad we live in Florida so he can wear shorts most of the time!!!!  No one can ever believe Sam is as old as he is.  It's part of the whole Peter's Anomaly/ Peter's Plus.  Sarah also has that but she is not as small as Sam is despite her years of malnutrition.  She has caught up in an amazing way!  In fact the little outfit she was wearing Sunday...that was it's last time LOL!  I could barely squeeze her into it. 
Well just a little catch up....
We have a BIG week- This Friday January 8th will be 10 years since I was given our sweet baby Shad in a cold orphanage in Chengdu China.  It was also my husband's first Sunday at our church!  BIG day for the Clantons on January 8, 2006 on absolute opposite ends of the earth!   I want to write about that experience this weekend.   This Sunday our church is having a big celebration to mark our 10 year anniversary.  We are looking forward to it!


  1. Lol I was thinking the same thing about perms the other day! Miss having curly hair sometimes. I haven't really made any resolutions either.. Just trying to make it through each day.. Hard with my husband in a coma.. Well he's technically out of the coma but not back yet..

    1. Can you share your story??? Hope things get better!!!

  2. Praying for your surgery tomorrow Yvonne. Asking the Lord for his wisdom and skill to fill the people caring for you before, during, and after surgery. (((HUGS)))!

  3. My prayers are continuing for you as you recuperate. God bless you and your family with peace.