Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thank You!

My view from the hammock!
What a beautiful day we are having here in Florida.  The kids were outside for a couple of hours today, including Selah.  It was just picture perfect!  Sam was playing hard today and surprised me by going on the slide by himself.  He also pushed himself on the swing.  He is having a "spurt" of independence and I love it.  He is feeding himself breakfast every morning- slowly- with lots of messes but it's happening.  He eats grits most mornings with an orange and he is doing a great job. Grits tend to stick to the spoon pretty good.  And if you don't know what Grits are....I'm sorry!  They are from corn and oh so good.  It's one of the first thing a real Southern baby eats:)

There are some great videos I've taken lately but I'm having issues with putting them up.  I'm going to try and get that figured out before long so I can show everyone the progress the kids are making.

The fund for the Philippine family has grown to $5765!  We had donations come from far like Seattle and Rochester NY (our other home town) and from Orlando, Tampa and local friends as well as folks in our church.  This has FAR surpassed what my goal was and I'm so thankful. 
Here are some recent pictures.

The kids all had to have medication for various parasites.  They all have had physicals.  Thankfully none of them tested positive for TB which is amazing! 

It was discovered after a complete physical that one of the girls needed glasses.

The missionary family has bought them all new clothes as they came with little

The youngest are finally having a chance to be kids, not just caregivers. 

So much has changed for these kids in the past year, both of their parents have died, and now they have a new family.  They are doing really good, but they've been through a lot of trauma and uncertainty. 

My personal feeling is God heard the prayers of this dying woman.  I'm a mom, and I know if I were dying, my prayers would be for my children that I was leaving behind.  This family had absolutely nothing so the mom knew only God could help.  Thankfully the pastor/missionary whose church they attended was God's answer to her prayer and we've been a part of the answer too.    I feel a bond to this mother, for a few months I was sending her a food supplement with the hopes it would help her.  I actually did not realize she was so close to death.  I'm just so thankful that we've been able to help in this situation. 

Thank you all again.  I am humbled by the trust you place in me to send funds.  I'm such a suspicious  person that I probably wouldn't give towards something if I didn't know the person -personally so thank you to the folks that don't personally know me but send in money towards Orphan Care.  I am very careful to have our church bookkeeper put the funds into the Orphan fund and by law, that fund is only used for projects like these.  Every penny goes to the project, none of it goes into the church's account for anything else.  I have a deep belief that God looks out for the orphan and I believe He sees what you all do and He will remember you for it.   And I also believe He would deal with me if I misused a penny of the money!

Recently I was talking to someone and out of the blue I said "if I could just live in an special needs orphanage somewhere and take care of kids all day- that's what I'd love to do!"  I did say I'd like some help with the diapers LOL.  But when I really think about WHAT I'd want to do with my life, that's it.....    Of course I have my children to take care of and I enjoy every minute of it.  But I had hoped we could have done something on a larger scale, but life intervened and changed our future when the accident happened.   So I put my effort into raising money for worthwhile projects, they maybe small projects in the scheme of the Christian world, none of them huge but they are huge to the ones that are helped by them.  AND you all are a part of that!  Together with the readers of this blog and folks in our church who listen to my appeals, we've helped raise money for several adoptions, dug a well in Ukraine, helped an orphanage in India, sent supplies to an orphanage in the Philippines and now are helping a family of five there!  Thank you for helping me get this done!

You can still participate by giving
Grace Church
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
please clearly mark it ORPHAN FUND

Thank you!!!!!

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