Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tarpon Springs

This week I was able to go on a "field trip" with two of my college friends.  We decided to go to Tarpon Springs.  It's been some years since I've been there and never with just grown ups LOL!

 Just us girls!

All of us in Skeetchers!
We could have done a commercial.
For the record, Skeetchers are the most comfortable shoes ever!!!!  I'm addicted!


she should have been an actress!

Way too good food!  Despite all the walking we did, I came home and rode my exercise bike!

We visited the Greek Orthodox Church


All three of us were raised Pentecostal but it was funny we all whispered in this building!


But we had to finish out at the Sunset Beach!
What a fun day!
Then I came home and played with Sarah who had missed me

Up again
She had been giggling and giggling....until I tried to start taking pictures!  How does she know??? 
And OUT!

This picture was taken after she was asleep in this position for 10 minutes!  How in the world does she do it???
Sarah is standing on her own and trying to take one or two steps before collapsing.  This is what she was doing over a year ago but when she lost the tiny bit of sight that she had, then she stopped everything physical and regressed.  She is just now feeling comfortable to try again.  I love my baby girl!

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