Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fun Summer time in Florida

So what have I been doing?
One thing has been a painting class
No I didn't paint this picture!
That was what it was supposed to look like.....
THIS is what it actually looked like!
I envied my friend Jan's picture and tried to copy it LOL
Fun time with Lynn (our grandmother)


 THIS is where it ended up!  LOL

Happy Sarah in her pool

And on her swing!
We went back to the Circle B Ranch
(just me and Jon this time which was good as we were up close to a lot of animals)
This guy made me nervous0 he was bold and it was too early for him to be out.
(rabies alert!)
At one point I could see about 6 gators but couldn't get them all in the same frame to take a picture.

Look at the cute baby gator!

BIG Mama~!

Dear Lord I love a good swamp

The bird had a snake  I wanted to save the snake

Jon kept singing "The Circle of Life"

This picture just makes my heart happy.  Could heaven be any more prettier? 



I love Florida-can't you tell? My kids (at least Sam is since he was born here)  are 6th generation Florida Crackers!  (And Crackers have NOTHING to do with being white!) 
There is just a way of being when you are a real Floridian -it has nothing to do with color- it has to do with knowing your roots & family history and appreciating the REAL Florida. 
My hometown of Perry is a REAL Florida town.  It's a "little dot off the beaten path" where folks know each other back for generations.  Even though I've been gone from it since I was 18 years old-that's my roots.  32 years later- it still holds a piece of my heart. 
I love swamps and Spanish moss, palm trees and pine trees.  I love the beach rivers, springs and the lakes.  I LOVE gators, manatee and dolphins.  I even love the smell of the swamp, the beach and the smell of a pine tree on a hot day. I love honeysuckle, Confederate Jasmine and azalea bushes.   I love the monsoon rains that come-the excitement and build up of a hurricane...the thunder of a storm.   I even love the heat (as long as I can go inside and get cool!)
I love the fact that my family has a grave yard up in north Dixie County that goes back to my great great grandparents!  It's not landscaped, every time I've gone there I've had to pick sands spurs off my pant's leg or shoes.  Most times I've found a snake skin or two since it is far out in the country.  When I'm there I can just sense the generations who have gone on before me....
I may have lived in NYC but my roots are in the Florida sand!  I'm grateful for the legacy I've been given. 

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