Monday, May 16, 2016

I just want to Pee in Peace!

When I was a little girl I liked "boy things"  I remember saying "I wish I was a boy so I could go hunting/fishing with my uncles".  They were gone overnight so I couldn't go with them and that made me mad.  I liked getting dirty and playing in the fields.  I liked girls things too, baby dolls, nice dresses and playing with Barbie dolls.  So was I confused?  NO- I was a kid!  Kids are learning who they are. 

Growing up I remember one poor fellow....he was a grade or so ahead of me in school.  While in high school he let us all know that he wanted to be a girl.  He seemed to have many issues but that was one issue that made him stick out to everyone.  We had a class together in high school and I remember him being very up front about who he thought he was..  It did not make for a pleasant life for him in our country school.  I felt somewhat sorry for him but he was not a nice person so my sympathy was from a distance.  He seemed so confused and messed up in his mind. 

But I can tell you one thing, I would have NOT wanted him in my bathroom or locker room!!!!!  Nor equally disturbing would I have wanted the guys that would use that excuse to get into a female's bathroom or locker room! 

Transgender identity is a mental disorder and has been classified as such for many years.  Even presently it is still considered a mental disorder by many leading psychiatrists.  Not only that but it's something that affects only .03% of the population!!!!

Working in the criminal justice system for many years caused me to take a lot of different classes to meet my yearly training requirements.  Some of the classes I took were interesting and some were down right out disturbing.  Working with sexual offenders, some classes I took were things I do not forget to this day.  While writing this blog, I always try and stay away from certain subjects that are things I would only talk about to my lady let's just say there are some people who are so very perverted in this world that bodily functions turn them on.  Am I saying people who feel they are transgender fall into that section of folks?  NO- not necessarily BUT there are people who will take advantage of the freedom to go into the opposite sex's bathroom for that reason.  There will also be those who will take advantage to harass, look under stalls, take video etc.....  if you do not think so, then you are absolutely stupid!  Also this is just a beginning.....don't believe me? Just watch....

I think this "tearing down of bathroom walls" is really a much larger agenda.  It seems that our culture is trying to break down any type of differences in people.  Men and women are different- that is to be cherished, not shredded.  People still want modesty in this world! 

It's interesting to me that Obama has given this mandate to public schools- kindergarten and on.....   He's trying to have children indoctrinated from a young age on that there is no real difference in the sexes.  He chose the school system NOT the government workers offices to make his first stance.  Interesting huh?  He wants to desensitize kids.  So they don't have the same standards of modesty that society has had for centuries. 

Personally I think Obama should focus on fighting terrorism,  creating new jobs,  and fixing the health care system in his last few months of his failed presidency.  But instead he is bothering kindergarten age children!  He's creating problems where there were no problems. 

Thankfully many people are standing up against this nonsense.  People stood up to Target and their stock is falling.....Now let's see what will happen when people realize how crazy this mandate is!

Here is a petition you can sign if you want to tell Obama to withdraw his transgender school mandate!  I signed it.

Don't be afraid to share what you believe.  I have friends who are afraid to say how they feel on this subject because they might be labeled a "hater"....WHATEVER......  You can hate me all you want- it doesn't change how I feel!  And BTW if I get nasty posts on here....I'll read the first sentence and delete it and laugh while I'm doing it!  I will not be shamed or put down for wanting to pee in peace! 

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  1. Hear hear!!!! I agree and also a background in criminal justice, and have seen enough to find this mandate worrisome and concerning!