Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kia- the resuce!

My last post was about animals and this one is starting with our newest kitten story!

One night last week we had a bad storm and after it was over Shad told us that one of our indoor/outdoor cats was still outside.  Jon and I went out calling for her.  We could hear a cat across the street who would respond to us, we thought it was our cat Vermont and that she had been hurt or was freaked out by the storm.  That area is a swampy area so Jon got his boots on and head light and went wading out there.  Nope no cat to be seen, we kept hearing it but it was moving so we hoped that she was just freaked out and would come in later....

We went inside for a bit and to our surprise Vermont was sitting on the couch looking at us like we were CRAZY!  Obviously Shad had not counted heads very good.  So we figured it was a stray that was meowing at us and didn't think anything else about it. 

The next morning my oldest son was leaving for work and I asked him to take out the back seats of the van so he could pick up my bike.  Well I had asked him to do it the night before but you know how that goes right?  So he's hurrying to leave for work and I reminded him to take the seats out.  He drove the van up to the garage and when he turned it off we heard a cat SCREAMING!  We could tell from the sounds that it was in the hood of the car.  We didn't even want to open the hood because we were afraid of what we'd see.....  Thankfully she was unharmed!  It took Steve about 20 minutes to get her out, she'd wedged herself into a small shelf under the engine!  If he'd just left for work, he probably wouldn't have heard her and she would have been killed.  So I guess it was good he didn't do what I asked the night before. 

We named her Kia (since we found her in a Kia)  She is a sweet kitten and immediately took over the house.  She looks big in this picture but she's a tiny girl! 6-8 weeks old at the most - she potty trained easily and loves to be held.  The first day she'd cry if we put her down but she got over that and now runs around the house much to the chagrin of the other three cats!  We've looked for her mother and other litter mates but haven't' seen anything,  We are sure she is the same cat we heard crying the night before, she has a loud voice! 

Just had to share this cute picture.  Jon was sitting with Sarah watching tv and Sam decided it was time for him to get some daddy time too!  Daddy is in demand :)

We got our back patio done last week and are already enjoying it  I love to be outside especially where the bugs can't get me.  We've actually been neglecting the front porch to sit back here and watch the rain.  The roof is aluminum and when it rains it sounds like my it did when I was a kid living in a house with a tin roof.  And we have had some RAIN lately with Tropical Storm Colin!

A side view with a Trumpet Tree planted- that tree will soon grow as tall as the roof with flowers all over it.  I love them and had always wanted one. 

in front I planted some Elephant Ears I got from our old house.  they also will soon be as tall as the roof ( if you look up at our family picture, those are elephant ears behind us)   I love those, even tho they are NOT a native Florida plant- I just love them.  However if you plant one, twenty will grow up!  I crack up when I see them at a plant nursery for $10 LOL  You can clip the leaves and a plant will sprout up!  We'd cut back some dead leaves and threw them in the woods behind our old house and that whole area is now covered with them.  

I planted this one by the pipe that releases water from our AC unit.  It will be a monster plant soon



This is my Mother's Day present:)  Don't laugh- my aunts would not let me learn to ride a bike so I had to get me a 3-wheeler cause I just can't keep my balance.  I love the bright yellow happy color.  We went our last night and rode about 6 miles on wet dirt roads.....What a work out!  It makes the hardest setting on our exercise bike pale LOL  But it's so fun to be outside- we watched a beautiful sunset -it was just a perfect night.  

If you are on FB you know how it shows you your memories.....  Well Four years ago we had just gotten home with our precious girls and I was busy taking and posting pictures.  Lots of bittersweet memories coming up now....

These are pictures from 4 years ago today....  I treasure them...

After their baths


When you think of Selah- please always say a prayer for her....I miss her smiles and how she was changing daily as she realized she was loved and had a family......


  1. Hi Yvonne. This might sound strange but as you haven't posted for a while I just wanted to let you know that I hope you and your family are all doing well. Sending you lot's of love from Brussels. I've been following your blog since you adopted the girls, sorry that I haven't replied more.

  2. Selah such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl I feel sad about her story but glad she is with a loving family instead of an orphanage.Oh Kia is cute name...I see now how things do happen for a reason.

  3. Just catching up on your blog and so good to see your updates. Prayers continue for you and your family. God continues to use you to encourage others. Thank you for continuing to blog!