Saturday, July 2, 2016

2016 Medical/Vacation Trip

Yes we are still alive! We just got home from our annual medical trip/vacation!

Sarah slept a lot!

We first stopped in the  Lancaster PA area.  We stayed in a great hotel right in the middle of everything.  Our first night there we found a community party that we went to. 
And there were swings!
Shad played with the Amish kids


We started the next moring with a full Amish breakfast and a buggy ride.


Then we went to Kitchen Kettle Village and got several boxes of salsa! 

the kids loved the music!







At Bird 'n the Hand

After a couple of fun days we headed to Rochester to see our favorite doc!

Sam was so cooperative that his exam was done with him awake and they were able to do all the exams. 


Dr Aquevella and Dr Chung

Sam is doing good but they could see his retina has had some damage from glaucoma pressure.  His pressure was perfect that day but obviously some days it's not as good.  We are just continuing on the eye drops. 

We finished early in Rochester so we had more time for Niagara Falls!


It was windy!

Top of the Falls restaurant
Jon & I went to Canada
Yes we rode the Ferris Wheel!

And we stayed till the lights came on!!!!

 Then we headed to Cleveland Ohio!

We were there for Jon & Steve to go to Cleveland Clinic's preventive heart clinic.  I also had an appointment with the women's heart section.  But we got to do a lot of fun things while we were there. 

 We went to the Zoo


Do you recognize this house?

how about NOW?

 Yes the house from the movie "A Christmas Story"

And of course we went to a graveyard!  We love old cemeteries. 


President Garfield's tomb


That Sunday we went to our friends' church and Shad got to ring the bell....or it rang him!  LOL it was quite a job!

Then a boat ride on Lake Erie

We are still waiting on all the results so I'll share the doctor stuff later....
Then we headed home through the mountains of West VA

It was beautiful!  The clouds were so low.......

We were so glad to get was an almost 2 week trip  and thousands of miles of driving.   We took hundreds of pictures but I just showed you the highlights of it!

I'll be updating soon and trying to stay more consistent on my posting.....I even got a reminder from BlogSpot LOL!!!!


  1. Love the post....Love the pictures....Love that you all had a great time.
    We used to live in WV...In the Teays Valley between Huntington and Charleston....Loved the mountains there....
    Can hardly wait to hear the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say.
    Love from NC

  2. were in our neck of the woods!!! Hope you enjoyed Lancaster Co! Would have been fun to run into you!