Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another kitten!

We've had a relaxing few days catching up and doing some chores before we get back to our schedule.  We decided to bring the hammock and outdoor swing in and put them on the back porch so I had to go get new cushions since ours were pretty dirty. 

it looks crowded in this picture but it's not actually.  Jon and I took a nap out there yesterday evening before Shad fired up the Fireworks! I love the back porch/patio because it's so quiet and surrounded by trees. 

Sam enjoyed the fireworks with me from the front porch.  Shad did a good safe job with them and had a blast LOL
Saturday we had a surprise....another kitten came up!  Obviously he is from the same litter as Kia and he came from out of the same wooded area just crying and crying!  They are exactly the same the size and same fuzziness.  He is a lover boy- he's playful but is more a cuddlier than Kia is. 

This is the funniest picture taken just seconds before Kia pounced on Dobby. 

So we now have FIVE cats and only ONE of them is a cat that we actually asked for ( sort of- we offered to take her because her owner didn't want her anymore.)   The others have all been strays.  I'd like to find a home for the two little ones together but I doubt that will happen. 
Tonight our oldest son is flying home.  We left him in Ohio with his girlfriend and her family for the week.  It's his first time flying alone and I'm nervous.  I'm sure he's not!  He's had a fun filled week with them doing all kinds of different activities.  It gave her family time to get to know him in  a more relaxed environment. 
We are still waiting on the all the test results to share - hopefully we will learn a lot to share with you -especially if heart disease runs in your family. 
Have a great week!

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