Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bahama Cruise

So we finally went on a cruise!  I think we were the last ones of all the people we know to go on one:) Jon had wanted to go for years but I get soooooo seasick/motion sickness  I was afraid to go on one.  BUT right before Jon went into surgery-and things were so tense- I promised if he'd be "a good boy" in surgery we'd go on a cruise  He was able to laugh and he was a good boy so within a month I'd booked us a cruise:) 

The first day I had a tiny bit of dizziness and slight nausea but after that i was fine.  I got THE patch that goes behind the ear and started using it days before we left.  

our window!

Our first stop was Nassau Bahama 

our ship

we didn't do any of the ship's trip- we took some advice and  got our own cab and it was half the price of  the ships tours and we got to go all over.  We are adventurous!  

We saw this sign and I just had to take a picture!!!

we visited the fort

Then we went to the Queen's steps 

I'm used to heat....but it was so hot I almost had a heat stroke!   Our taxi did not have good AC!  And August in the Bahamas is HOT!

we went in Atlantis 

 then we went by a beach


The next day we went to the private island and swam.  I didn't take my phone with us so we didn't get any pictures that day.but it was beautiful

 we watched a a show one night

We listened to a couple of bands- playing "our" old music

But we mainly relaxed and read books LOL 
The dinners at night were amazing and we did get a small table to ourselves.  I did not want to have to be with other people.  But to our chagrin- next to our table was the absolute worst children on board!!!!   Even the staff had to say something to the parents as the parents let them be rolling on the floor and just ignored their behavior!  It was awful and before anyone says that maybe there was something "wrong" with the children- there was not!  These kids ruled their parents and the parents didn't care!  We should have changed tables but we liked our waiter and we didn't want to end up at a large table.  But other than that- we had a great time!! 

We traveled on Royal Caribbean (4 days 3 nights) and was very pleased with it.  the staff were awesome!   Our boat was a smaller boat so there was only one pool and a little less entertainment but it fit us just fine.   

We want to take the kids on a cruise now!  It's such an easy type of vacation.  I'm glad I finally agreed to go on one.  It was just what we needed!


  1. How do you know the children at the next table didn't have a disability? Not all disabilities are easily seen. I have one son with autism and one with ADHD--often times their behaviors caused by these conditions just look like "bratty" behavior. However, that is no excuse for them to disrupt the dinning room. My sons would have been removed from the room. We believe that even though they have disabilities they must learn what is socially acceptable. They are also learning coping strategies if they feel overstimulated. We would be doing them no favors to allow that behavior. Our children have made dramatic progress with a bunch of therapies and many people who don't know them well do not realize that they have autism/adhd. My point is that just because a diagnosis isn't readily obvious--doesn't mean the child doesn't have one.

    1. I think the point should be made that children need actual PARENTING. . . all children, of course, but especially if they do have disabilities (Although, in this case, it was already pointed out that they didn't appear to. . .a main focus of this part of the post was on the parents and their lack of attention). It's actually very sad that some parents CHOSE to care so little about their own children - and not love them enough to help them learn how to act. . .

  2. I KNEW someone would say this... You may forget I have 3 children who are special needs. Sam & Selah were both diagnosed with autism all three are non verbal & make various noises. . So I'm not a doctor but I'm used to children who have real diagnosed problems. But even with there diagnosed issues we have worked with Sam ( and with Selah before the accident) I don't doubt the children we saw on the cruise will be diagnosed with something once they are in school but I can promise you the parents lack of parenting skills is the cause

    I personally believe the majority of all the diagnosis kids get are the lack of parenting skills. Not every time but this situation was off the chain! I can promise you - you probably have never seen anything like this! I know I surely have not!! But even if those kids had real diagnosis the parents sure did not do a thing to help.

    We work with our kids also & almost every time we go out to eat someone will come up to us & compliment the kids behaviors. They probably were a bit freaked when they saw us come in LOL & are grateful that they didn't have to endure what we did on the cruise!!!!

    Unfortunately parents from my generation on have turned family life around- and now kids are running the family. It's sad & it doesn't help the children to learn how to face life.

  3. lovely cruise and you look like you had a great time...a blessing and a gift!