Thursday, September 22, 2016

September Fun

It's been a busy month for us!  Homeschooling is going much better than I expected.  I found I love having a Planning Book   LOL.  I should have done that years ago!

For the past week one of my very best friends from college visited me.  We had way too much fun- went to the beach and to our Alma Mater, looked for gators in the swamp and bargains in the mall. It was a perfect week!

That's my friend's feet- her picture was better:)

An almost empty Honeymoon Island- that's perfect!

All my Besties in ONE place!  My heart was so happy!

We got to see another college friend and "ate breakfast'  at Cracker Barrel for 6 lie!

Then it was Shad's 13th birthday and my ?? birthday~  Fun times with family & friends at our favorite Olive Garden

Fun times......

So now to get "controversial"....

I'm a TRUMP girl and have been almost from the beginning.  Someone gave me a yard sign....but alas it got stolen so a friend sent me TWO large Trump signs....I'm thinking they are safe!  I cracked up when I opened the package!

This has been a strange political year.  I've never seen people so angry at other people for voting for who they want.  I saw that in the primaries by Republicans and Democrats alike and I'm seeing this in the general election.  Hey guys this is AMERICA- we vote for who we want and we respect that others folks  vote for who they want to!  The important thing is to vote.  BTW I will delete any negative message so don't bother to try and get it on here!


  1. Are you still supporting Trump after the release of the video in which he boasts about sexually assaulting women and discloses that he attempted to have an affair with a married woman?

    1. Absolutely! A private Conversation from 12 years ago does not frighten me or bother me. However Hillary's proper policies bother me. I don't even have the words to say how hypocritical it is for her to bring this private conversation up. She should worry about her husband who has raped women and lied about it he's had affairs and lied about it remember he got impeached???

      Plus Hilary was a disaster in each political office she has held. Her lack of action led to FOUR people dying Benghazi... She threatened US security by using her private server. Lord i'm a lot more worried about her than a little locker room talk from 12 years ago