Monday, October 10, 2016

Gardening Again- FINALLY!

Finally I'm getting back to gardening!  I quit before we moved from our old house, knowing we were moving soon.  Then once we moved I was too exhausted to start back!  But I'm getting back started

If you've ever seen the little video on FB saying you can regrow's true.  I'm regrowing lettuce and celery on our front porch. They've now been planted in a container that is outside.  I still have to put together the "square box garden" to put them in.  We got a bit sidetracked by a Hurricane named Matthew  (we did fine just alot of rain)

here are some herbs and lettuce I bought and planted

And this is my welcome Fall decorations.....

And a new composter!   Some women love the mall- and it's ok sometimes - but take me to Lowes and I get happy:)

This one is better than our previous one.  it's on rollers so it's easy to roll it around every time you add new scraps.  I'm very happy with it.

So my plan for the Square Foot Garden is going to be different than before.  Instead of wood, I'm using concrete blocks

This is my idea.....we will see how it works out.  The wood would get rotten so easily because untreated wood had to be used so it'd only last a few years here in Florida.  It's much cheaper to use the blocks but we loaded up about 30 of them and my van was FILLED!  I was terrified of having a wreck I figured we'd die!  I'm looking forward to getting started if the rains would stay away.  This morning was cool and the first day we were able to turn the A/C off since about April. I'm sure it will get hot again but it was nice to have a nip in the air ( the temp was 68 LOL)

BTW I borrowed this picture from a site on SFG.  I've not started our garden yet.  This is what i hope it will look like.

Image result for square foot gardening using cinder blocks

I also bought way too many fruit trees and berry bushes.  Our property gets very wet- it will be challenging to find spots for all of them.  I'm hoping to get started this weekend.

There is something about getting down and getting your hands dirty working with plants that just satisfies my soul.   Maybe for it goes back to my childhood- I don't know but I love it!   And it seems that my family rubbed off on me:)  I'm a green thumb most of the time.

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