Monday, October 31, 2016


Earlier this month we were able to go to a Trump Rally in Lakeland. It was held at the airport and people were turned away because there just wasn't enough standing room available to be safe according to the fire marshal.  I heard quotes of 14,000-16,000.  It was overcast but hot and I got a terrible sunburn  but it was FUN!

I loved talking to folks in line and meeting new friends.  What an amazing experience.  I loved that we saw people of every race-lots of Asians, for some reason that surprised me.  There were plenty of Hispanic people.  Two ladies ahead of us in line were interviewed by the Spanish TV channel.  One of my friends was there and she is Hispanic, she was also interviewed.  Everyone was talking and laughing and helping each other while we were waiting for hours.  As you can see we were close to the front, so we had hours to wait.  In all the waiting, heat and even worse traffic when we were trying to leave, no one said a cross word.  It was just lots of fun and a spirit of cooperation.  We actually got stuck in the grass when we were leaving and some guys just jumped out and got us out.  They wouldn't take money from us, just smiled and waved:)

Hillary and me!


It was our anniversary- we had a good day together.

So I support Trump and feel he will be a good president and he will work to "make America great again"  There is so much I could say especially with the fact that the FBI has reopened the case against Hillary, along with all the info being put out by Wikileaks.  For me it is a clear choice.  But what cemented my vote was the 3rd debate where they were both asked about their stance on abortion.  Trump unashamedly stated he was pro-life.  He knew that many people would disagree with him but he had the backbone to stand up and say it clearly....  When Clinton spoke, I felt like the devil himself was speaking to be honest.  She was so proud to be pro abortion right up through the last month of pregnancy.....  Right there for me, the difference in belief was so HUGE.....    I know some folks might say that Trump used to be for abortion- so did I many years ago- he changed as I have changed.  If he has enough backbone to be as clear as he was that night, he has my vote!   9he had my vote before but his response encouraged me that I was right!)

I will not read or publish any negative remarks about Trump so don't bother

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  1. I could NEVER vote for anyone that believes abortion is okay. Never.
    I was 14 when I became pregnant. I had no parental guidance what-so-ever, coming from a single parent home. My mom didn't care what I did, I was alone, pretty much raising myself, so I got in trouble. When she found out I was expecting, she 'moved', (kicked), me out of the house. (at 14).
    On the day of my 15th birthday, one month before my baby was born prematurely (because I had such a bad vitamin deficiency and was also malnourished), I married the babies father who turned out to be extremely abusive to me, physically and emotionally. I was on my own with a sweet baby boy, who actually saved my life, because his birth caused me to instantly grow up, mature and change my lifestyle. I knew that I was all he had and basically, he was all "I" had! I was totally in love with him, as I still am today. We laugh now and say that we "grew up together". :)
    I realize that not all 14-15 year old girls are able to care for a baby, but I would beg and plead for them to please just wait the few extra months, allow the baby to be born, then let a loving adoptive family raise it as their own.
    The waiting list here in America, last I read, was over two years for parents wanting to adopt a newborn, and now there are so many programs to help with housing, groceries, medical care during the pregnancy, etc. Nothing like that was available 40 years ago when I was expecting.
    There's absolutely no reason, ever, to murder an innocent baby. If a woman/girl finds herself in that position, she has to be unselfish enough to think of the baby before herself. It CAN be done. I'm living proof of it.
    So,~~ 'short story long'~~, I wish everyone that believes abortion is okay would look at a video of what actually happens during the procedure. It's murder, in the most horrendous form.
    Thus said, Trump is getting my vote. If I voted for Hillary, it would be, (to me), the same as murdering thousands of babies myself. Not going to happen.