Saturday, November 12, 2016


(Sorry we can't show her beautiful sweet face but her country doesn't allow it publicly)

This is Charlotte!  I have loved her since I first heard of her when she was very small.  She lives in India in a wonderful Christian home called Sarah's Covenant House.  She is blind.  When she first came to SCH she was very sickly and malnourished. She was frightened  and very far behind developmentally.  My family began to help support her monthly.  She has thrived and progressed quickly.

Her foster mom, a young lady from Canada, loved her from the beginning ..... and now is in the process of adopting her!  I could not be happier!!!

Let me tell you something about this young lady Nikki.  She has always had a heart for orphans.  Over five years ago she wrote a blog about my Sarah urging a family to step up and adopt her!  This was before we knew about Sarah.  After we began the process to adopt her, someone forwarded me Nikki's blog and I just cried!  I cried because I was so thankful that someone had loved Sarah enough to write about her plight and to pray for her before I even knew she existed!!!.  So Nikki and I have always kept in touch since then.  I rejoiced when she moved to work in India full time and I've encouraged her ever since she thought about adopting Charlotte!

Can we help her with the adoption expenses?  I'd like to raise at least $1000.  I have $285 already in for Charlotte!  Could you give towards this beautiful little girl and her sweet mama?

There ae two ways you can be a part....  this is Nikki's paypal account.

Or you can give the old fashioned way by check and sending it to
Grace Church
7060 Berry Road 
Zephyrhills Florida

I will ensure every penny goes straight to them for adoption expenses.  You will get a invoice at the end of the year if you give through the church.  Time is of the essences as they rush along with the process.  It's been a long time in coming but now things seem to be moving quicker!

The sweetest thing is that Nikki has been with her most of her life now.  While Charlotte was in a bad situation before, she has been at SCH for three years ( I think)  and has just blossomed.  I get to see some of her videos and she is just adorable.  She sings and lifts her little hands.  She uses a cane and walks everywhere.  I believe God brought the two of them together and I love being a tiny part of helping them out!!!

Thank you for all your help in times past!!!  We've done alot together!!!!

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