Saturday, December 3, 2016


Early this summer I planted some Elephant ears from our old house....

 Trumpet tree!

Here's my new Square foot Garden done in concrete instead of wood  This time of year i have leettuces and carrots and lots of herbs planted.

We still have these fruit trees and bushes to plant.  It's been hard figuring out exactly where to put them as we are a bit low laying and get alot of water during our raining months.

I think I'll try the blueberry bushes near the pine trees in the back  I'm waiting for Christmas break to plant

Banana trees
we had some at our old house but they ot killed by frost one year.  Even tho we live in a sub tropical state, some plants just can't handle the cold.  I've planted these where they have some cover from other trees and that hsould protect them.

Kiwi trees
I've never tried these and almost killed them.  I'd put them in front and the sun was too harsh.  I took off every burnt leaf, and really almost trashed them but I thought I'd try so I put them in the shade and watered them 2x a day and they came back.  I'm going to plant them with the trellis in the shade.

in all but the green pot I'm trying to grow Honeysuckle from the plant I had at our old house.  I hope to have them ready to plant by next spring.  Honeysuckle is wonderful but it really takes a few years to get going.  Once it does, it'll take over but it's work to get it to grow.

I love plants and trees as you can see.  I grew up with huge gardens and family farms so it's natural to me.  Nothing soothes me more than working in the garden.

Ok now for some family pictures....Jon and I were watching the news, evidently it was NOT interesting to Shad or the cat!

my boy all the way- Pepsi and a book!

A friend of mine gave Sam a light machine.  It's pretty awesome

yes Sam is lying there with his leg crossed.  He did that since he was in the NICU!

The boys and I went to Epcot last week


Love my garden and kiddos!!!

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