Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016

Well 2016 is almost over....  It's been quite a ride for our family.  This year started out with me having a large lumpectomy (turned out ok)   Then Jon having his heart attack and open heart surgery(which also turned out ok)! All of that just left us a bit stressed.  We've had many good things happen this year and even in the rough patches God was faithful.....BUT I'm hoping 2017 will be an easier year.  Looking to the future is scary for me- I'll be honest.  But we have no choice-the future is headed our way LOL I'm glad that the same God who has been with us will continue to be with us!

For our Christmas this year we went on a family cruise.  It was a great time to spend with each other with no outside interference.   (no phones!!! except for mine to make sure Selah was ok)   It was great to take a week and eat every meal together and spend alot of quality time together.  We had discussed it and the boys would rather do this over presents.  We got a few little things but this was our big presents.

We went to Hondurans

ok I have issues with petting zoos and zoos in general but these animals were rescues and seemed very content and happy

Mexico two different places

I swear Steve looks like a missionary LOL

We celebrated Sarah's 10th birthday!  she had a new dress :)

Just a few of the over 1,000 pictures we took LOL

Someone loved the food

I actually did not but one thing for our trip.  I wondered if i could do it but i had to buy Shad a pair of shoes.  But other than that-I didn't buy anything not even a toothbrush!    Obviously we did buy a few things at each stop.  I got this picture and a coconut for $15 in Honduras.

We took tours at each stop but independent not using the boat tours.  In Honduras I had a friend's relative that has a tour service and we scheduled with her (if you want her info PM me)  Everywhere else we just picked up someone at the dock.  We were happy with the tours- all between $100-$150 for a several hours tour- just our family in a van.  The cost if we scheduled through the boat would have been around $100 per person!!!  We did the same thing in the Bahamas.  Now we did pay for Steve & Shad to go to the Mayan Ruins in Mexico through a tour through the cruise company.  It was expensive but we really couldn't take the little kids plus both of us have seen Mayan ruins before and we wanted them to see them too.  Plus it was safer since we weren't with them    Of course if you take a boat arranged tour then you have no risk of being left behind at the stop LOL  I've heard of people not making it back for the ship's sailing!  If you take their tours then they promise to wait for you!!!

Anyhow we had a great time, lots of memories-nothing could be sweeter to have time together.  It was alot of work with the little ones but they had a absolute blast.  the waves were high (in my opinion) and Sarah slept so good.  She has issues with not sleeping but every night she fell asleep as soon as we put her to bed.  Shad has his own sleeping issues-occasionally he sleep walks.....he did right out of his cabin!  Luckily he woke up as soon as the door closed.  (they both see a sleep doctor!!!!)   the seas were rough and I had the patch but basically felt like I had vertigo the whole time.  I wasn't quite nauseated, but it was always close at hand.  I loved being on land!    Love cruises for the sake of going to a bunch of new places.  Jon and I  already have another one scheduled for Cuba in 2017!!!   We are getting an inside (no window) room and have a credit so it is only going to be about $200!  I'm excited but hope I don't have vertigo again!!!! 

Selah and her beloved Rose!

Selah is doing great.  She stayed home with her nurses while we were gone and had a really good week.  She remains completely stable.  Her doctors all rave at her condition.  She basically only sees  a pulmonologist and a neurologist and a gastrologist each once a year because she is so stable.  I believe it is mostly due to her team of nurses who care for her as if she were their child or grandchild.  All three have been with her now almost 4 years.  We are very happy with her care.  We know we are blessed with these women.  We appreciate them so very much.

Well I pray all of you have a good 2017!  I pray we do too!!!!  No surprises would be nice and no medical emergencies!


  1. Looks like a great trip. I will be in Honduras in March as part of my cruise. Can't wait, it is beautiful there. Cruising can become very addicting:)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  2. Love Sarah's new birthday dress. Where did you get it?

    1. In Mexico. It's a little big but adorable and so pretty. Although Sarah can't see, I tell her so often how pretty she is that she seems to understand when she is dressed up:)