Thursday, January 5, 2017

Please pray for Angela

I'm still praying for a family for our sponsored child Angela!  She only has a few weeks to be eligible for adoption.

Here is how it works For aging out kids an i600a application needs to be received by USCIS before her 16th birthday. Homestudy can go in later. The i600a is the non child specific and is a better choice for aging out kids because it gives you more time on different steps than sending the i600.

I will help!  She has a $10,000 grant on Reece's Rainbow.  I pledge $1,000 (at least) personally  at travel time for a family if they would step forward.

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This was me with Angela in Ukraine in 2012  We had already been sponsering her for a few months.  You can see Jon with Selah lying against him.  I think he was holding Sarah.  Victoria who got adopted is facing the camera.

This is her at Christmas with the doll we were able to buy for her.  She is doing much better in the new orphanage.  For her the war was a blessing because she was moved.  She is still tiny.  This girl will be 16 years old next month.  Please please pray that a family will step forward!  I will do everything I can to help them.  Please share this!!!!
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She has a sweet calm spirit like Sarah- in fact she looks alot like Sarah to me.  I love her and am so worried about her!!!!

Thank you for your prayers!


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