Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Urgent!! Please read! The plight of the orphans in pictures

Been running a lot yesterday and today.  Jumped on FB to catch up with my friends and I see these pictures from Druz.  My heart literally aches....Oh God my girls would be there now had we not gotten them....Children I personally know are there, and its so hard.   This man is working to help out there too. 

Please pray for these servants of God!

This is the translation of the post...
Sergey Kosyak, a pastor from Donetsk who, literally, holds a prayer marathon in Donetsk for more than 6 months by now, who's been organizing evacuation of people from Torez, Shakhtersk, Gorlovka, Donetsk, etc. in most stressful hours, whose team, facing daily dangers of living in a war zone, walk 10 km on foot, daily, just to deliver medicines to people in Gorlovka, who, for various reasons, couldn't leave the town (the major reason - people are elderly, sick, trapped in their homes without food, gas, electricity, water, no access to healthcare). It's his team that evacuated 210(!) orphans to Druzhkovka. 14 team members have already been in captivity, beaten, humiliated. I trust him absolutely, and his reports, first-hand, about what's going on in the war zone. An abstract about Druzhkovka: "We continue our patronage over Druzhkovka orphanage, to which we evacuated 210 children. The need there is just huge, we've bought yet another batch of diapers and a food processor (kitchen machine). Unfortunately, we still lack funds to buy folding beds, and children still sleep on mattrеsses on the flow in the overcrowded building. While now, in warm weather, it's more or less bearable, I have no idea how we will manage later.."

These pictures are from last week......


this group brought in mixers so the kids who can't chew (like my Sarah) can have their food pureed.   This picture makes me want to cry, I guess because it makes me think that if Sarah was there, someone did something that would have helped her. 

my heart just goes out to them

Oh God help them!

what will they do?


I think this is the girl we sponsor...its hard to tell


thank God for these men!  See the water bottles brought in???   Soon they will have a well!


I know the little girl standing

At first I didn't know why these next three pictures were taken.  I wondered if they'd done some work on the windows....THEN I looked closer....bullet holes.....Oh God.....


After seeing these pictures if you want to help.....
You can give by sending a check to
Grace Church'
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
mark it Orphan Fund
or directly to L2O
 http://life2orphans.net/make-a-monetary-donation.html please write in Druzhkovka (Druz WELL  fund)just let me know so I can know when we reach our goal!  Please mark that you'd like for it to go to the WELL project!
As of right now we need $335.   A friend just emailed me to tell me she's sending a check for $25, so once we get that we need only
Let's help to ease a small amount of the suffering!!!!!!

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