Sunday, October 6, 2019

September Days

Sarah loves her horse

She will even hug it

Sam prefers the fake horse LOL
His therapist is able to work with him in a different way on it

Recently Sam has been going for massages.  it seems to help with his stiffness

Vermont would not probably like this picture too much- it's not very flattering

This pair greeted me the other day.  Molly & Gizmo.  It looks like Molly had been playing in the dirt!!!  She ended up ge4tting a bath

This picture is from the Hillsborough River State park.  I go there often.  I'm never sure who or what I'll see there


Some of the supplies we collected for the Bahamas!!!  Thanks to Grace Church, Dade City Christian Church, Zephyrhills  Correctional, Sumter Correctional, & God's Share/North Street Thrift Store

Thanks to Crossroads Alliance for picking it up and shipping it!   Now we got two vans full of supplies from St Leo University and 2000 pounds from another ministry waiting to be picked up and shipped !!!!  I'm so glad to do practical things for people!

Well Shad and I just had a birthday (we share the day) and I found some old pictures Fall 2006

These crack me up  First Shad is laughing then Sam

What's up?


Notice they all had BOWL cuts :) :) :)   Boy I wish I could go back to that time and have our girls too!!  Although that was a few months before Sarah was born 

So here's an old picture of me for my birthday
This is a picture of me 50 years ago on my 4th birthday with my Uncle Mack that I loved so much!!!

In Florida there is a scholarship called Step Up for Students.  It has many different scholarships -the one we are awarded is called the Gardiner Scholarship.  Its for students with special needs who are home schooled.  It's amazing.  It's what pays for their PT and horse therapy.   There are man things on the website that can be selected for the kids.  Recently I ordered Sarah a record player.   It's rather complicated and we're waiting for big brother to come home for the weekend to put it together for her but I went to the thrift store and bought some very retro records for her.  They are all in good condition.   I'm looking for old Disney records and show records too if anyone has any they'd like to donate.    I'd LOVE to have the Sound of Music.  I've also recently ordered them an inside swing and a sensory chair.  I need a therapy room to put all their things in one place