Saturday, May 30, 2009

Get to know me list

I was sent this on Facebook. so I thought you all might want to read my answers...

Are you a vegetarian? NO

Do you believe in Heaven?

Have you ever come close to dying?

What jewelry do you wear 24/7? WEDDING RING

Are you eating? NO

Do you eat the stems of broccoli? NO

Do you wear makeup? YES!!!!!!!

Would you ever have plastic surgery? I DON'T THINK SO

Have you ever done anything illegal? YES...ONLY A FEW TIMES...

Can you roll your tongue? YES

Do You have a boyfriend or girlfriend? I BETTER NOT SINCE I'M MARRIED!!


What is your Hair color? BLOND NO GRAY THANK GOD!

Do you smoke?

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? TO A BEAUTIFUL REMOTE ISLAND WITH A WONDERFUL SPA!!



Gold or silver? GOLD

Hamburger or hot dog? HOTDOG

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? pizza!


What was the last thing you touched? MY MAGNIFYING GLASS I NEED BIFOCALS!

Where did you eat last? IN MY KITCHEN

Do you read blogs? READ THEM AND WRITE THEM!!!

Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? NO


Do you talk in your sleep? NO


Whats your favorite song at the moment ? THE "NEW" AMAZING GRACE "My chains are gone, I've been set free, my God my Savior has ransomed me and like a flood, His mercy reigns, unending love amazing Grace"

Window seat or aisle seats?
aisle seat

Do you feel you've had a successful life? YES God has been so good to me. My life could have turned out so different but for His grace...I have a loving husband who is faithful and strong, three wonderful boys and all the animals my heart could want. God has been so faithful to me. I got my BA from SEC and lived and worked in ministry in NYC, traveled alot, adopted a little guy from China and am now my husband is pastoring a nice country church near alot of our friends. I had a good career with the state as a PO before Sam ...All in all it's been a good life. Jon recently found an old journal of mine (how embarrassing ) but I had my "life goals" written down. It was SPOOKY!!!! I wrote down I wanted to have 3 kids one marry a pastor...complete many goals I had met!! Life has had some heartache but it's been GOOD so far!!

Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? CUT IT

What is your favorite sport to play? N/A

Basketball or football?

Do you drive a stick? NO

Cake or ice cream?


Do you like any of your close friends?

Have you ever given money to a bum?

Have you been in love?
Wow, yes!

Where do you wish you were?

Who's your best friend and why?
My husband, we have gotten so close over the years in a way I never dreamed possible in the beginning of our marriage. Now we even know what the other one is thinking, we may not agree but we know:) Besides him, It would be Angela Harris comstock Sabaria...BFF since we were kids. We don't see each other enough but the deep friendship NEVER goes away! We know each other's deepest secrets!!And we knew each other when we were kids, so many memories...

Have you ever ridden in an ambulance? YES thanks to Sam several just recently when he had the seizure!!

Last gift you received?
a funky flower arrangement with acountry church in it...

Last thing you spent lots of money on?
I try not to spend lots of money on anything...I guess our 2 week vacation in the Keys last summer

Where do you live?
Zephryhills Fl

Last wedding attended...
a real "hillbilly" wedding for this couple who never have attended our church, they just saw us in the phone book and called and asked us to get married here. It was wild. They were 1 hour late, the maid of honor didn't wear took alot of self control not to burst out laughing!!!

Favorite restaurant?
Red Lobster

What is your favorite kind of car?
I actually like minivans...they are great

Most hated food(s) ?
Brussel Sprouts; liver

Most loved food(s)?
Pizza, Fried chicken, lemon cake...

Can you sing?
Not too good...

Person on your mind?
Sam- still worried about his health issues..

What's your least favorite chore?
I'm weird, I like to clean I guess I'd have to say the 32 eye drops I have to give Sam every day , that gets hard on hm and me

Favorite drink?
Pepsi and sweet tea (not together)

Currently have a Crush?

How long was your longest drive in a car? Zephryhills Fl to Rochester NY for Sam's eye surgery in 07. Or it may have been from New York City to Springfield Mo for a convention in '94

Why do you do Facebook notes?
to connect with old friends

Do you know the Muffin Man?
Not personally

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Public vs Christian vs Home Schooling

I've been home schooling Steve since Jan'08. Steve had always gone to a private Christian school and we were comfortable with that, we like him having the social interaction. But at that time, there was so much going on with Sam, I didn't have the time to take Steve back and to from school as it was across town. So I started home schooling. I have a BA and for 2 years was an education major until I realized I did NOT want to be with a bunch of bad kids all day long. So I felt qualified to teach him. The Christian school Steve went to in Zephryhills used textbooks where a kid works at his own "pace" and the program is called ACE. It's really easy to teach, most of it is self taught anyhow.

Most of the time I enjoy home schooling. It's not a huge effort on my part and I like Steve being around the house. Sam loves to be with Steve and will often go and sit in a recliner in Steve's room while Steve works so that helps out too. But there are days when he drives me crazy!!!!!

Steve is so sweet and so much like his dad in all the good ways but also in the bad ones. He is a procrastor! He doesn't have any drive to do his work. Now most subjects we do ok in as far as time goes but he hates math and just will not stay focused! Steve is finished with all his 7th grade books except for Math and a couple of English. So everyday is a pain for me! I have banned him from the computer until he finishes the year up and he is not happy with me. With this curriculum, the student must score a 80 or above to pass the book. He never has scored less than that but he just takes forever to do his work and finds any excuse to not do it. This is one of the irritating things about home schooling.

So there is always a debate about public school vs. private vs. home schooling. I will never send my children to public school. It ain't agoing to happen!! I think parents that subject their kids to public school are just asking for trouble. I have friends that would strongly disagree with me but that is how I feel about public school. I have good friends who are teachers in the public school system and they are great BUT they can only control their classroom situation. They can't be free to speak their minds or deal with situations in an openly Christian way. I love that Steve's books have Christian themes. His English sentences that he has to diagram are about famous missionaries or Bible stories. It's a way to get the Word into the kids every day lives.

As a probation officer, I was in public schools alot and it was horrible just walking down the sidewalks. I don't want my kids in that cess pool. Some people will say that you can't shelter them forever...To that I say my kids are so NOT sheltered from the REAL world. As pastor's kids they see alot and they deal with real life. Not a bunch of foolishness. When we were in school in the 70's. 80's, kids would have been kicked out for the things I saw them doing and saying when I'd walk the halls. I remember one girl cussed at Mrs. Blankenship our asst principal and she was expelled for the year. It just didn't happen!! My kids are not going to be in that cess pool where the grownups have in many cases have lost control. I had a friend that taught for a while in a middle school and he told me he couldn't send kids to the office for cussing even at him! Foolishness and mayhem!! That's not the real world. I can guarantee you those kids will not speak to their employer like that or if they do, it'll be the last time because they will be fired! It's a failed system that allows such nonsense to go on.

I say shelter your kids from the world!! That is what the Bible teaches in NO uncertain terms. When God was giving the Hebrew the law and His commandments in Deuteronomy ch 6 He really emphasised to teach the law to the children. In verse 7 it says " You shall teach them diligently and you shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk in the way, when you lie down and when you rise up." It doesn't say to give the state 8 hours of your child's day to talk to them about all other kinds of stuff. Also if you look at Psalm 1 the chapter starts out with " Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful. but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in this law he mediates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of waters that brings forth in his season." I for one am not going to put my kids in a place to sit in the seat of the scornful! Remember we have to stand before the God of this universe one day and He will demand of us an accounting of how we raised our kids!

So what if you can't afford Christian school and have to work so you can't home school? Trust God He will make a way for you to send your kids to Christian school or to home school. God has always provided for us to send Steve. We didn't take him out because of financial issues but rather because of Sam's issues. He was missing alot of school with us going to Miami so much and then the eye drops, at one point I was doing 42 so I didn't have the time to take 1 1/2 hours of my day transporting him back and to to school.

This coming year Steve and Shad will be going to the Christian school and we are just trusting God for the finances. He has never failed us and He won't this time either. Sam will be in the Home bound ESE program through the School Board, he will get all his instruction and therapies at home. If he had not gotten approved, I was going to go through all the steps to home school him as a ESE child. Even though Sam does not understand alot, I'm not going to have him in an environment of chaos! But with all his eye drops and his fragile eyes and health, it was no problem to get him classified as home bound. If there had been or if there ever is in the future, I will home school him. I know more about him and his situation than any teacher ever would. Once I took him to speech therapy through the school board and the teacher was trying to use flash cards with him. I asked her if she was aware he was blind...!!!I think I can do a little better than that!!!

Christian schools are not utopia but there is so much more control over the student's behavior and what they learn and are exposed to. The kids still have to learn social things like how to deal with bullies etc but those are normal things. I had one friend who taught 2nd grade in Lakeland and she had 2 different boys in the same month bring in Playboy to class! Wouldn't happen in a Christian school. Why? Most of the parents are Christians so they probaley aren't going to have Playboy laying around and if a kid did that they would know that the consequences would be harsh. Also in Christian school, you have alot of positive peer pressure. Steve has some good friends that are really trying to live their lives as Christians so really bad behavior is usually frowned on by the group.

So I hope my post has encouraged you to think about the schooling your children are getting. What are they around 8 hours a day. What has more influence on their lives?? It's something to take seriously!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clean House-LET IT GO!

This afternoon I watched one of my favorite shows Clean House. If you've never watched it, let me tell you about it. A group of four people go to a cluttered house and convince the owners to clean up and get rid of junk. Most of the people have way TOO possessions and do not want to get rid of things. During the show the home owners are convinced to clean out their house and have a giant yard sale in order for the group to repair and buy a few nice things for the home. There are usually some tears and anger on the part of the homeowners who do not want to give up anything even in order to get something so much better. In each case the end result is a nice NEAT non cluttered home with a few new things to take the place of all the junk that was there before.

It's a great show and each time I watch it (thank God for DVRs) I have this uncontrollable urge to clean out my house. Now you all that know me KNOW I don't do clutter. I'm a bit obsessive about my house being clean and free of clutter. Only the fact that I have 3 kids gives me any clutter. I have rules in my house and the number 1 rule is: If you haven't used/worn/played with or needed it for 6 months, it needs to go!! I take stuff to thrift stores or give things away or throw them away on a regular basis. My husband would be a pack rat if I let him but he does appreciate a clean house, he just can't keep it that way. So today after watching the show, I had to clean out all my kitchen drawers. I felt so much better afterwards. There is probably a mental condition for me and my obsessiveness...but at least my house is clean and orderly most of the time!

I teach the kids to hold on lightly to possessions. "It's ok to have stuff but don't let stuff have you" The kids are good at giving up stuff to others (except for getting rid of real animals). I really try and teach them that they didn't bring anything into this world ( I was there and can attest to that!) and they can't take anything with them.

I see so many people that hold on so tightly to their possessions, homes, cars, jewelry etc. It's sad to me. I can think of several people that are bound by their possessions. I think for some people possessions define to themselves who they are. My aunt that raised me, lived during the depression. She and her sisters owned so much stuff. Our house was so cluttered. When she died and I inherited the house, it took us weeks of going through and throwing things away or giving them away. There were things still in boxes, never used that we just gave away. She didn't take anything with her but for years, those things comforted her. I know a family that lost a loved one and has kept all her stuff and the lady that died was a pack rat herself. Whew - they fill their houses and garages and spend money on storage units to keep stuff. They have so much stuff they don't even know what they have! It's crazy! Sometimes I can hear in someone voice when they talk about "my house, My car my my my "
It's weird but when the word MY is repeatedly emphasised, I'm ususally thinking "This person is too into their stuff" Without fail, I tend to be right (in my opinion) The person usually has a garage/shed full of junk they don't need and they hold way too tight to the things they do need. I was in a car wreck and the person I hit (it was her fault for pulling out) kept crying about "her car". It was new and she obviously loved it. I could have cared less about my car, I was so grateful MY kids and I were still alive. I knew we'd get something else to replace it and as long as it had a/c I didn't care!1 We ended up getting a better van than the one that got hit!

Probably because of how I was raised in junk and clutter, is why I like things clean and clutter free! I was a psychology minor myself! Possessions have never meant much to me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to invite 30 little kids to jump on my furniture and rip it up. But if I no longer have a use for something, it's time for it to go. We've moved so many times in our life and ministry that I've been forced to keep things to a minimal, now it's just a lifestyle. I could box up my entire house in a day or less and be ready to go. When we just had one child, sometimes I'd buy him junk toys, you know what I mean. Well those days are so gone. Not only do I not have the money to do that, with 3 kids, you can't do that! And forget Happy Meal toys! First I usually don't buy a Happy Meal cuz I can buy some hamburgers and one fry for them to share and they can get a drink at home! But in the rare times I do buy something like that, the toy doesn't leave the restaurant! I really try to think when buying the kids Christmas or Bday presents about what I'm buying. I'd rather buy a few quality gifts than a bunch of junk for them. This is something I've really learned in the past few years with 3 kids. Kids do better with fewer toys. They seem to play with them more and appreciate them more.

So when I say I'm not into possessions, I don't mean it pridefully ( I hope I don't) but I really do try to remember that this world is not my home, I'm only passing through. I think in this day and age we have so much stuff in the here and now, our gaze is not upwards but it's on this earth and the things of this world. Now I am not some weird person who lives like the Amish or worse but I do think we Christians tend to get caught up too much in this world and its' things. The older Christians used to sing about heaven and that was to be their reward "I'm satisfied with just a cottage below, a little silver and a little gold but in that city where the ramsoned will shine, I'll have a robe a harp and a crown, I've got a mansion just over the hilltop..." Nowadays Christians demand that God gives them a mansion here, a Lexus and lots of gold and silver...Something just doesn't seem right about that.

Anyhow after watching that show, it really has some spiritual insights. So often we hold on to junk even though God wants us to get rid of it so He can do something beautiful in our lives. But we want the junk, we can't see beyond our situation to understand what God can do for us if we just LET IT GO! In some shows, there is such a battle for some particular object, that the group gives up on tearing that object away from the family and instead of the family getting something nice in its' place, they have to settle for less. One story they tried to get an old junky useless juck box from this guy. If they could sell it in the yardsale, they would redo a room for him and give him a big screen tv, but he wouldn't let it go so he had to settle for less. It looked so silly to see a grown man holding onto junk when he could have had so much more.


So if you have things you need to give to God or things you need to give to Goodwill LET IT GO you'll be so much more happier!

ps. If you need me to come in and help you clean your clutter, I'd love to :) I've done that for a few friends but I am BRUTAL!!!! Get rid of the foolishness and mayhem!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sam is doing great!

Update on Sam ...

He is doing great. He is eating more as we offer food to him every couple of hours. I've never done that before since he can let us know by hitting his highchair if he's hungry. I'd never liked to encourage too much eating because I don't want my kids to be obese!

Thankfully all tests seemed to indicate that the seizure was caused by him having low blood sugar. We had suspected something like this because when he would get sick, he'd get so sick, he'd be unresponsive and always end up in the hospital on IVs.

We are concerned as this could be an indicator of other issues but we just take one day at a time and trust God to lead us and his doctors!

Harvest A/G Fine Arts Group

Sunday we had the Fine Arts youth group from Harvest Assembly of God. They did an outreach to the community with us on Saturday. Over 200 families were personally invited to visit our churh and given a door hanger with a flyer and a packet of microwaveable popcorn. It was great to see youth excited about reaching the lost.

Sunday they ministered in both services and did an awesome job. It was great to have them and uplifting to us personally. Plus a sweet family took our little boy kitten home to live with their little girl who is wheel chaired bound. I thought it was fitting that the little guy would go to such a great family, who like us have had to deal with some adversaty. It was a good day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sam's Seizure!!

Thursday afternoon I went in to check on Sam, who was taking a nap and found him having a seizure. It was awful. I grabbed him up and ran in to the living room, and called 911. He was cold to the touch and unresponsive. After an eternity, the ambulance arrived and took him to Lakeland Regional. On the way there he began seizing again. No one knew what to do but then I remembered he'd had low blood sugar last year so they checked his sugar and it was so low, it was not readable. He was immediately given glucose and the his sugar shot up. He still was not very responsive. From Lakeland he was sent to St Joes' in Tampa that night. They ran alot of tests on him and it was determined that he had low blood sugar and that probably his liver doesn't store the sugar very good. It's the opposite of diabetes. The day before, he had eaten and drank fine but didn't take a bottle at night nor did he take it the next day and he didn't want breakfast. So that caused his blood sugars to drop. We know what to do to prevent this in the future hopefully. If he has another seizure, we may have to do blood checks at him regularly...I hope that don't happen!

So now we are feeding him little meals every time he turns around! He may end up as a little Buddha before long! I'm a bit traumatized by all of this and may post more later but needless to say we are constantly watching him. For now he is sleeping with us, he seems afraid and we are a little afraid to have him out of our sight!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Palm Beach trip

The pictures saved in the wrong order! the first picture of the storm should be the last one...So from BOTTOM to top is...Steve and Sam at a rest stop on the Toll road, south of Yeehaw Junction. The next is beautiful Bascom Palmer taken from outside the car in the middle of the road by Steve..., the next one is me holding Sam at BP. then Steve and his chips at Chilli's then the STORM!!

What a crazy trip. It is exactly 180.5 miles from my front door to the Palm Beach office of Bascom Palmer Eye Hospital. We love going there rather than Miami any time. Our joke is all the rich old people in the Palm Beach area raised money to bring Bascom Palmer Hospital to them so they didn't have to go to the 'hood to get help for their eyes. The building is like a beautiful hotel and it sets on the outer edge of the PGA. A far cry from the main hospital that sets on the edge of "Liberty City and Little Havana" in Miami!!

Anyhow a friend in the church kept Shad for me so I just had Steve and Sam to deal with. That was helpful. So we started off at 8:30 am yesterday and about 8 miles from home I see this big piece of rubber on the side of the road. Steve starts yelling "it's an alligator" so I do the "smart" thing and pull off. I really wanted to get a picture of him. I have this secret love for gators- it's really weird. (When Steve Erwin died, we all cried. We love his show and we love gators but I think I like them more than anyone else in my family.) I didn't get a picture of this guy. The 5 ft gator took off running for a nearby pond. He had to run about 150 feet. I have never seen anything like that. He ran with his tail and head up and he was booking it. Forget what the experts say about gators can only run about 20 feet, that's a LIE. I wish I'd videoed him! It was unbelievable!

So we get down with no problems. Sam's doctor saw him between operations, just a quick check in. It seems Sam's eye pressure feels like it is up. since he has implants, there are only two ways of checking his pressure, feeling the eye and putting him under anesthesia and taking pictures of his optic nerve. I had been feeling his eye and I thought it felt a little too firm. Unfortunately I was right. With kids that have Peter's Anomaly, glaucoma is sometimes a problem. Especially for a kid like Sam who has had so many eye surgeries and now the implants. On top of the normal danger, he also takes steroid drops to prevent his eyes from inflammation/trying to "reject" his implants and the drops raise the risk of glaucoma. It's such a tightrope we walk!!! So the plan is to schedule him for an exam under anesthesia in July with his glaucoma specialist Dr H, retina specialist Dr Berra-call, his corneal specialist Dr Perez and his pediatric opthmalogist Dr Mcquin. Since his eyes are clear, we're looking at the possibility of being able to get an exact reading on his eyes for glasses that he might wear!!! It'll be challenging to get everyone scheduled together.

We left and went to Chilli's for Steve and started home. When we got into Bartow and stopped for a minute, we saw some terrible storm clouds over Lakeland. They were rolling and green. I started calling everyone to see if there was some kinda of warning out but no one ws answering their phones. I decided I wanted to get home so off we went..into the WORST storm I have ever driven through in my life!!!! At several points there was NO visibility. I was petrified but I just kept going. Thank God for the truck in front of me, I followed it's lights all the wasy down Hwy 98. I was afraid to pull off because the ground was overfilled with water and I was in Jon's car and afraid I'd get stuck or hit by someone else so I just kept creeping along.

I thought about the storm and how it could be used as an example in our lives. Storms come and they can be fierce but we should just hold firm, keep following the right road home and we'll come through it!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was always awkward for me growing up. I loved my aunt but she wasn't my mother completely. Also her sister lived with us so I kinda was like "Yvonne has 2 moms" So anyhow I dreaded Mother's Day because it seemed to highlight my differences from other kids. Then as a grownup, I just kinda ignored Mother's Day. My aunt had passed away and my mother in law passed away just months after Jon and I were married so I really didn't have anyone to celebrate it with.

Then came my first Mother's Day as a mommy! Steve was about 6 months old, a happy fat little boy and Mother's Day became a happy celebration for me. I'm not one to make a big deal about holidays, I never have except for the kids. But my oldest, Steve, is a holiday celebrator even if it's not for him. He loves to celebrate! Steve is very thoughtful about buying gifts and he pays attention to things I look at in the store but don't buy for myself. Yesterday he bought me a Ped Egg. It's used to scrape the callous off your feet. He remembered me looking at it so he got it for me. Then today he wanted to get me pizza. Of course that benefits him also. So he took the whole family out to CiCi's for lunch today. Steve earns money by cleaning the church and mowing the church yard. A lady in our church felt moved to bless him for the work he does. It was so sweet of her and it encourages him to do the work cheerfully.

When Steve gets money saved up, he spends it but usually not on himself. A few years ago he had saved the grand total of $300. That year our district's mission project was building churches in Siberia. Steve watched the video and said he wanted to give all his savings. I tried to redirect him but Jon said to let him give it. So he did give it all at District Council and it touched the heart of the missionary so much that he included Steve in his sermon. Steve really like that! Although I told him that you're not supposed to get praises on earth but rather in heaven...

But that's his heart is to give. When he was younger, he'd try to give other kids his toys. I used to worry that he thought he was trying to buy friendships but we could really tell it was from his heart. I'm glad he's like that. We try to teach our kids to hold on LOOSELY to possessions/money. You really can't take it with you!

So being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm so thankful that I have my boys. I always had such a hard time getting pregnant and maintaing the pregnancies but all the effort was worth it to have my guys! Life would be so lonely without the three of them. Although there are times I fantasize about being alone, I know in reality I'd be bored without my kids! They are worth everything to me. They've enriched my life and broaden my heart in so many ways. Thank you God for giving me my three "little men"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kittens anyone????

I am looking for a home for this cute little striped guy. He is about 3 weeks old and won't be ready to go home with anyone for awhile but I thought I should start looking for a home now!

This is my one mommy cat who is never around when it's time to go to the vet. She and "her husband" Tom both seem to understand English when there is talk about going to the snip snip clinic, so every now and then, we get some new babies. I have told the children that Tom and Scardey Cat are married. They believe me... Anyhow I was feeding her in the back of our yard, where she eats a few weeks ago and I noticed she had been nursed on. So Steve and I went out in the woods and found the babies about 20 feet from our fence. Then we spent hours catching her! Once she is caught she's fine, she just doesn't like to give up control. Now they are in my laundry room in a big cage that I have to clean out daily. We are going to keep the little gray one as she has no tail, only a nub, so cute but we'd like to find a GOOD Christian home for little brother. Steve and I both have a hard time letting go of pets as we are always afraid the new family won't take as good of care of them as we do. That is why we have so many animals. Anyhow if you'd like a cute sweet kitten who is a chunky little guy, that already loves to be petted, let me know!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

District Council

We're at District Council and having a great time. It's neat to come together with old friends and have the opportunity to make new friends at the same time. we've had good night services. Last night was the missions service where all the missionaries were honored. Our district is parterning with Cuba to help plant and build churches in the coming year. There was a speaker from Cuba who had lived through the revolution and the years that have followed. It was amazing to think all that that man had gone through. There was also a chorale group from Cuba. Most of the young people had never been out of Cuba before now. I could only imagine what they were thinking about America. It was a moving service.

We have 3 kids in a small hotel room, so I have to say I'll be glad to get home. Last night Sam wanted to sleep with me and no matter how far I'd scoot from him, he'd scoot right up to me. I ended up on the very edge of the bed with a little 30 pound midget taking over the bed!!!

I've been blessed to meet some new friends this week as well as seeing all out old ones. That's the funniest part of District Council as well as as the pastor's jokes because we know what each other goes through!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Looking back

Are these funny pictures or what? It's from our second Sunday home from China. Shad is wearing his Chinese outfit and he ate so much that he just fell out in the highchair at Golden Corral. That boy could eat when we first got him home. He'd eat like a grown man! Notice in the fourth picture, Shad still has his fork in his hand. He was sound asleep but he wan't letting go of that fork!!! These pictures were taken over three years ago. Where does the time go? Shad looked like a baby then now he's a tall 5 year old looking forward to kindergarten!

Sometimes we as parents don't always see the changes our children make until we look back at old pictures and videos and then it shocks us at how far they've come! We don't notice the change because they are with us every day and we don't see them "grow".

Sometimes spiritually we need to look back and see how far we've come from where we were!

I know I can remember several different people over the years that God was really using in a mighty way and I'd compare my self to them. Not in a jealous way but I saw where they were and wanted to be there also. Then I saw those folks burn out, turn their backs on God and walk away and was shocked! It's like the parable Jesus told about the sower. Some seeds fell on stony ground and began to grow but when hardship came, they withered because they had no real roots. The race is not to the swiftest but to the one who makes it to the end...

This is what Jon preached about this morning and it's so true. We must endure until the end. Don't be a quick flame that burns bright for God but is then burnt out. But stand firm and walk with God every day and soon you can look back on where you were and see how far God has taken you!!