Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Car Ride

  As always car rides with kids tend to bring out the best conversations.  It has happened with both of our older boys.  Today Shad and I went to the library and had time to talk.  He had been hearing some news of what happened this weekend in Virginia so we talked about it.  Shad has always been interested in the news and world events.  He asked me what a "white supremacist" was and said he'd never heard of it before.  He then asked me about the other two groups of people who were there, BLM and Antifa and what they believed.  Then he said "Well all of them are wrong!"  and he also said none of them would like our family.  He was shocked that some people thought the president was wrong for saying all sides were to blame.

Out of the mouths of babes....

I almost don't want to add to this post because it was so simple and true what Shad said but I have to say I totally agree with my son!  We've faced discrimination because of Shad a few times so we actually know what it is like to have our child treated different because of his race.

When you love someone you don't see their race or handicap (if any)  This is the honest truth and kinda weird but I don't see Shad's race or his eye loss unless I'm looking at a picture of him.  (yes that is strange but I can see it in pictures but not in our real life!  I also notice my other kids differences in pictures but not in the real world)  He's just Shad to me- my son.  A few years ago I had actually convinced myself that people probably didn't think he was Asian because I did not see it.  I told a friend that and she laughed and told me that he did indeed look Asian still!  I think being Asian is great so don't think I'm dissing Asians, I just really became color blind to it because I loved my son so much (although he can get on my last ever living nerve just like his older brother can!)

Some people say it's wrong to be "color-blind" because we should see and respect the color of a person.   In my home I'm color blind without thinking about it.  .  I feel like I used to do it without thinking outside of my world but over the past few years color & being politically correct has seemed to become such an issue.

Love can make a huge difference but we live in a fallen world and I don't expect that too many BLM and White Supremacists will start hugging each can happen between a few people and I pray that it does but I'm a realist.

Until a few years ago I thought most racism was gone from our country.  I'd encountered some living as a white woman in a mostly black neighborhood in NYC.  There was one shopkeeper that was obviously racist towards me.  Over the moths and years he became nicer to me because I think he saw me for myself not just a white woman.  Back then it was exciting to live in a very diverse area of NYC with people from all over the world living together.  I felt like we were just one big melting pot.  But it seems like in the last decade racism has grown to new levels.  It's sad!

It's on both sides of this recent conflict.  And quite honestly I feel that all of the combatants were there to cause trouble and deserved each other!

It's strange how conflicts seem to take a life of their own and snowball- some people have way too much time on their hands for sure!  Now all of a sudden we have to tear down Confederate War memorials.  That is just crazy!  I feel like I'm living through the Twilight Zone.  History is History.  I don't agree with every statue and monument that is in the US (for example a monument in Seattle  to Stalin who killed millions or the one to Margret Sander the founder of Planned Parenthood who was so very racist that she spoke and talked about how abortion could rid the world of blacks!)

I'm going to speak out as a voice of reason in my sphere of influence.  Just because I may see something differently I'm not a racist.  In my life I was never afforded "white privilege" nor do I feel guilty for something that took place over a century before I was born!  My family history doesn't include any instances of slave ownership.  Even if it did, I can not control things that happened 100 years before I was born.  It's crazy!

Any psychologist or counselor will tell a person it is not healthy to have bitterness in their hearts or to continue looking back on an incident in the past.  As a country we need to look forward and not allow any side to drag us down.  Unfortunately the media can't be controlled but if we quit watching it 24/7 it might be healthier (for me too)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Finishing up Summer 2017

Sam got new glasses!
Isn't he cute?  We are working with him daily to get used to the feeling of glasses on his face.  He is so tactile defensive

Shad and our youth group went to camp.  this was his first time and he absolutely loved it!

Shad even liked his room!

Here's a picture of the three little ones before church this morning.  

Selah had her new dress on

Sam decided to move to the side of the building instead of the front row LOL

So it was a crazy fun summer-one more week and Steve will head back to college.  We are looking at a new private school in our area for Sam and Sarah this year.  Shad is also looking at a change to doing his work through Florida Virtual School.  Being Shad's mom and his teacher is NOT the best thing for us!  With FVS he has a teacher for each subject on line.  

This summer was one for the books!  I got to go alot of places and reminisce about my childhood and early years of ministry/marriage as well as tour Cuba! It's been a whirlwind!


If you are having problems viewing the photos on old blogs it is because I took a shortcut and just took them off my FB account instead of saving them to my computer.  I'm going to try and go back and fix them.  I'm certainly not going to do it that way again!  No shortcuts!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summer 2017 Part 3 Hometown!

Our oldest son is a Broadcast major.  He is currently the Producer of his college football team and the co-producer of a weekly Christian talk show.  He works for Media Services at his university and does free-lance work for two other companies in the central Florida area.  He loves what he does!

This summer he and his production team Power Trio Productions (you can like them on FB) did a documentary for my hometown!  I was able to go on the shoot with them and I even learned more about my hometown of Perry Florida.

On the way up we stopped at my family grave yard south of Perry

my great great grandfather was in the Civil War
John Wesley Hines

This is my "Mama" She was my great aunt and took me to raise when i was a baby

After wee visited the folks we headed on into Perry and met with our guide for the week.  The town of Perry did an amazing job for us!  Since the production company was doing this job for the Taylor County Historical Society for free, the fine folks of Perry/Taylor county out did themselves by taking care of us in style!

Hampton Inn donated two rooms to us to stay in while they worked.  Every meal was provided for!  The hotel had a great breakfast every morning.

Bell that was in the old courthouse

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Inside the Historical Society with one of the interviewees

Their stories of WWII and the Korean War were amazing!

This is the old Pepsi Cola plant now the Police Dept.
I love all the changes taking place in my home town.
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The old drug store that is now a Pizza place

Johnson's Bakery!

Image may contain: food

my FAV!

We went down to Adams Beach ( I called it Make Out beach LOL)
During the Confederate War there was a Salt Works mine that my great great grandfather probably worked on.  A friend helped them out by getting amazing drone footage of the area.

My bestest childhood friend was able to join us for awhile.  We drove all over the beach area talking about memories and good times.

Fiddler Crabs every where!

I love the sky!

Image may contain: bird, outdoor, nature and water

North Florida doesn't have the white beaches but that's ok with us!

You can't go to Perry without eating at Deal's FAMOUS Oyster House.
"some of the best people on earth come through those doors"
Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

They interviewed this man Ed Sheffield he had been a Korean War POW for almost the whole war.  His story just shattered me.  He didn't go into gory details or embellish his story and maybe that is why it had the effect on me that it did.   the crew had already warned me about making noise as they were filming.... so I literally had to stuff my hand in my mouth as I listened to him because I was sobbing!  The things this man had to endure....nothing made him cry until the very end when he talked about his wife and his love for her.  (he has a gorgeous wife- she told me her age and I could not believe her!)  All I could think is that I'm glad God gave that man a long and happy life after his service in the war!!!!

They also filmed a 96 year old cattle rancher who has been ranching all his life.  Yes we were out in the fields...iin the the heat LOL

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, cloud, sky and outdoor

The Cracker House at Florida Forest Museum

I"d never got to go to the old Hampton Springs but now it's open

I love Pine Trees and storms!

We saw the new hospital, Baseball field, school and new Rosehead Park.

I can not wait till they have the film ready!  They are in the process of editing it now- 68 hours of filming!!!

During the time we were there I was able to see a few old friends, one friend gave me a bunch of plants that came home with me.  Ms Dora has a beautiful garden.  We got to eat with my friends the Bell's and I rode around looking at old places.

When I'm in my hometown the memories are so near.  I guess because I don't go home much and all my folks have passed away the ghosts are there for me big time.  Every road, every building has a story for me.   I am ready to move back!  LOL my husband not so's not his hometown or his memories!  I'm still working on him, thinking once he retires....????   We will see!

I'll post the trailer up as soon as they finish it hopefully by the end of the month. What a fun trip for me!  Thanks to the Taylor Historical Society for their graciousness and all the folks who housed and fed us!   Thank you to all who allowed us to hear your stories- all of them were interesting and amazing!!!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer 2017 part 2 NYC

In June we headed up to Rochester for Sam's TEN year anniversary visit!  YES it's been 10 years since he had his corneal implant!  Sam was the 46th patient to have the implant at that time.  It's called the Boston Kpro.  He had it done because the corneal transplants had failed and usually if transplants fail once on a child they will just continue failing.  Our doctors in Miami could offer us nothing else but our favorite doctor said he'd heard of a "maverick" in NY....well we needed that maverick Dr Aquevella!  He has been a wonderful answer to prayer for our family.  In the Perter's Anomaly world there is so much silly confusion about Kpros and some eye doctors are against them and poison parent's minds-so sad.....  I don't know if it is professional envy or what that causes the prejudice against the Kpros.  I've never figured it out.  We have a FB group and I've just about given up even sharing about the Kpro anymore.  It's been mostly without problems for Sam, except for his left eye and we never had much hope for that eye to begin with. There is work to do and eye drops and a few rules we follow but that is nothing compared to Sam having some vision! We only wish we could have done that for Sarah!

On our way up we went off the beaten path.  We had a turkey cross the road in front of us in South Carolina and it was fussing at us the whole time!  If we'd been headed homeward, he might have wound up a Florida turkey LOL

Then we stopped for the night in Gettysburg.  We had enough time to walk through the cematary, something we didn't get to do the last time we were there.  We got a fabulous hotel outside of town with three beds!  It's always fun to get a really comfy big room.  The greatest thing was the woods behind the hotel.  There was a firefly presentation like none of us have ever seen.  It was just unbelieveable, hundred of thousands of fireflies all in the trees, there was just a hint of coolness in the air, and for a Florida family we felt like it was Christmas time!

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Sam had to have an EUA so this was him following the perfect exam!  I still get choked up when he is being taken back to be placed under anesthesia.   He does great and as usual there were no problems.

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Our beloved Dr Aquevella and his new assisting doctor that I think we will love also:)

God bless that place!

this picture hangs on the boardroom of the Ronald McDonald House. Not only is it meaningful to us that they have pictures of our family up, this picture was taken just about an hour before the accident at the canal.  But for the grace of God, this might have been the last picture we would have had of Sam. I'll be honest, it is very hard for me to go back to Rochester.  I'm not one to cry but I was very stressed about going this year.  I despise the Erie Canal and hate to see it.  It's very hard emotionally.

After Rochester we headed for NYC!  We left the city in 1997 so 20 years later it was our first time back!   We found a Country Inn & Suites in Queens (Long Island City) that was wonderful.  One block from Queen's Plaza (subway and bus stop) Blocks from the 59th street bridge!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and outdoor

It was bizarre to see the police & anti terrorists force out!  NYCis a far different city than it was 20 years ago when we lived there.

So there is quite a joke in our family about the McDonald's on Times Square.....
in early 1995 I ate there and got sick on the subway before I could get home to Brooklyn.  In fact I was sick for several days so I called them to complain.....when I never could get better I went for an exam and found out I was pregnant with Steve LOL   I never did call them back and apologize.  We always laugh when we see that particular McDonalds on TV or a movie!!!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing

Olive Garden on Times Square

Sarah and me in Central Park

Of course we had to go to the hospital where Steve was born, St Luke's Roosevelt (although it's another name now) Lots of memories for me- Steve was born here, we lost the twins here and I almost died.....

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

I swear this was the same bassinet Steve was in LOL
There was a family leaving with their baby and I wanted to grabbed them and tell them how fast time passes by.....but they would have probably thought I was nuts.
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Of course you know I had to go to Trump Towers!

Image may contain: one or more people

Sarah loved the ice cream at Trump Towers!

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St Patrick's (now you have to go through a metal detector!)

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

this was my fitbit for our first day in NYC!  I was so tired and it was soooooo HOT!

Yes Shad is asleep on a NYC bus!!

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

Sarah got really upset with the traffic and sounds so Jon and I started taking turns taking the boys around....

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our nurse called and said she had the hand delivered paperwork of Shad's citizenship!!!!!
You just can't make that up!  It was amazing!!!!!!!!!   11 years it took!  His paperwork was all kinds of ways messed up but he is now a citizen!!!

Little Italy
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We had to keep up our strength!

Empire State Building

Brooklyn in the back ground

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You know I love libraries!

Steve and Sam walking towards our hotel from the parking lot

We also spent a day going to our old haunts!

Brooklyn Teen Challenge

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The Chapel

Image may contain: indoor

the building with the blue door we lived in
first we lived in the top right apartment.
Later we moved to the bottom left
Image may contain: tree, house, sky, plant, car and outdoor

The stairs to our old apartment right side

 front door
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

our neighborhood

The Men's home where my husband worked

In 1986 I did an internship at Metro Church in the Bed-Sty section of Brooklyn

the store I got my 7-Up from every morning

Image may contain: text

the apartment I lived in 3 rd floor walk up
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Brooklyn Bridge

What a LONG trip we were so very glad to get home.  On the way home, in North Carolina a truck lost its' ladder in front of us, it was a miracle we were not killed!   Our oldest son was driving and he handled it well but it was very scary!!!!

Tomorrow I'll blog the 3rd part of our summer:)