Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summer 2017 Part 3 Hometown!

Our oldest son is a Broadcast major.  He is currently the Producer of his college football team and the co-producer of a weekly Christian talk show.  He works for Media Services at his university and does free-lance work for two other companies in the central Florida area.  He loves what he does!

This summer he and his production team Power Trio Productions (you can like them on FB) did a documentary for my hometown!  I was able to go on the shoot with them and I even learned more about my hometown of Perry Florida.

On the way up we stopped at my family grave yard south of Perry

my great great grandfather was in the Civil War
John Wesley Hines

This is my "Mama" She was my great aunt and took me to raise when i was a baby

After wee visited the folks we headed on into Perry and met with our guide for the week.  The town of Perry did an amazing job for us!  Since the production company was doing this job for the Taylor County Historical Society for free, the fine folks of Perry/Taylor county out did themselves by taking care of us in style!

Hampton Inn donated two rooms to us to stay in while they worked.  Every meal was provided for!  The hotel had a great breakfast every morning.

Bell that was in the old courthouse

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Inside the Historical Society with one of the interviewees

Their stories of WWII and the Korean War were amazing!

This is the old Pepsi Cola plant now the Police Dept.
I love all the changes taking place in my home town.
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The old drug store that is now a Pizza place

Johnson's Bakery!

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my FAV!

We went down to Adams Beach ( I called it Make Out beach LOL)
During the Confederate War there was a Salt Works mine that my great great grandfather probably worked on.  A friend helped them out by getting amazing drone footage of the area.

My bestest childhood friend was able to join us for awhile.  We drove all over the beach area talking about memories and good times.

Fiddler Crabs every where!

I love the sky!

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North Florida doesn't have the white beaches but that's ok with us!

You can't go to Perry without eating at Deal's FAMOUS Oyster House.
"some of the best people on earth come through those doors"
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They interviewed this man Ed Sheffield he had been a Korean War POW for almost the whole war.  His story just shattered me.  He didn't go into gory details or embellish his story and maybe that is why it had the effect on me that it did.   the crew had already warned me about making noise as they were filming.... so I literally had to stuff my hand in my mouth as I listened to him because I was sobbing!  The things this man had to endure....nothing made him cry until the very end when he talked about his wife and his love for her.  (he has a gorgeous wife- she told me her age and I could not believe her!)  All I could think is that I'm glad God gave that man a long and happy life after his service in the war!!!!

They also filmed a 96 year old cattle rancher who has been ranching all his life.  Yes we were out in the fields...iin the the heat LOL

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The Cracker House at Florida Forest Museum

I"d never got to go to the old Hampton Springs but now it's open

I love Pine Trees and storms!

We saw the new hospital, Baseball field, school and new Rosehead Park.

I can not wait till they have the film ready!  They are in the process of editing it now- 68 hours of filming!!!

During the time we were there I was able to see a few old friends, one friend gave me a bunch of plants that came home with me.  Ms Dora has a beautiful garden.  We got to eat with my friends the Bell's and I rode around looking at old places.

When I'm in my hometown the memories are so near.  I guess because I don't go home much and all my folks have passed away the ghosts are there for me big time.  Every road, every building has a story for me.   I am ready to move back!  LOL my husband not so's not his hometown or his memories!  I'm still working on him, thinking once he retires....????   We will see!

I'll post the trailer up as soon as they finish it hopefully by the end of the month. What a fun trip for me!  Thanks to the Taylor Historical Society for their graciousness and all the folks who housed and fed us!   Thank you to all who allowed us to hear your stories- all of them were interesting and amazing!!!


  1. Love the history and can't wait to see the film. I can barely look at a Senior soldier without crying so I understand your emotions during the interview. I'd have been the same. I used to go to the Memorial Day ceremony at the VA cemetery in Bushnell, with my mom. My eyes leaked during the entire program! Sounds like you had a great time. :)

  2. Hey Yvonne,
    Absolutely love the photos and the stories from
    your hometown....Love the clouds....I used to
    live in the Pensacola area and loved the clouds and the
    sky before the rains came....Miss the salt air and the
    white sand beach with the emerald to dark blue water....Sigh...
    Love from NC

  3. I really enjoyed learning just from this post and would love to watch the documentary when it's complete. My email is