Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home from the hospital 3rd time this month.......Pictures from Torez Ukraine WWII Battle ground

Selah is home...I'm sure I'm not well liked at St Joe's....  She has been storming every 12 or so hours there.  That is something NEW for her.  Yes she stormed back in NY until November when she started the fish oil.  then she had some storming in Jacksonville at the "rehab" in January but we traced that back to the fish oil being kept out and her have a some bacteria growth in her trach, much like now.  Then this month during her 3 hospitalizations, she stormed in the ER when she was being admitted on all three as she was sick.  Last time she stormed a few times in her room but when it was time to go home, she was fine.  This time she has stormed so much. 

What ticks me off , is instead of listening to my concerns that something is going on PHYSICALLY with her, the doctor puts everything back on Selah, saying 'well this happens with kids like her" BULL CRAP!  It's not a neurological problem---it is ---but it is not....she didn't have this going on till Friday and all of a sudden it comes out of the blue?  Conveniently while she has pre pneumonia, pneumonia or bronchitis....depending on which doctor you talked to...

I certainly spoke my mind today about how I felt about her going home.  This is something new for her and not good.  It seems tied up with a physical problem that no one can agree on what she has.  Storming can be dangerous, if her heart rate went up and stayed up, she could have a stroke, seizure or a heart attack.   Living out in the country so far from a hospital that would know how to deal with her, is scary.  We have a hospital in town but I'm not sure they'd even know what to do, not all doctors are used to dealing with this.  I really hope I'm wrong and she will be ok once she is home....we shall see.

Really worried about having to leave her and go to NY with Sam on Sunday.  It seems like we will have full nursing which is good for Jon.  What a stressful time.....  Please keep us in prayer!

Well a year ago, was a holiday in Ukraine, we were allowed to see the girls but it was a quiet place.

Look how Sarah is on me:)




Look at who is in the background...it's Lucien, the little girl that many of you donated to.  I believe this is her.  She was hunched over in the crib, but would look at us and smile.  She is now out of the orphanage and waiting for her Visa to get in to the US.  It takes a few days to get all that paperwork done.


After our time at the orphanage our driver took us to a WWII battle ground near Torez.  It was an important battle ground for the Russians/Ukraines against Nazi Germany.  It was an amazing eerie place.  So glad we got the chance to go there.  The Ukraines are very proud of their fight in WWII.  Unfortunately their freedom did not come for many years after...





doesn't this look like a battle ground?

Here the guys are with our driver




Can you see us at the feet?  We were high up





I love this picture of me and Jon...








Gives me chills to think of how many lost their lives here



the names of the fallen, there were also names on the other side and the ends....that is just the Russians/Ukraines








Ok WHAT is this?  We stopped here on our way back, we were far out in the county.  It looks like a stork in a small village.  there was a well
the well

Jon by the well with water, he drank some but i was afraid to

these are man made mountains from the coal mining


Look there is Lenin with his flowers....at a run down store in the middle of no wheres

Back at the apartment

Pepsi, grill cheese and chips!  i was happy

What an interesting day although no one at all spoke English to us all day.  I did get to sign the guestbook at the Battle ground and thanked Ukraine for its sacrifice during WWII that surely helped the war effort.